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Mindy Perry

on 7 January 2015

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Transcript of Bibliography

1. Gives the reader a way to find more information about the topic

2. Gives credit to the hard work that writers & researchers have done

3. Makes sure you don't plagiarize


Why are Bibliographies important?
Bibliography Example

Devaney, Sherri, and Mark Devaney.
Barack Obama
. Detroit, MI: Lucent, 2007. Print.

Krensky, Stephen.
Barack Obama
. New York, NY: DK Pub., 2010. Print.

Wheeler, Jill C.
Barack Obama
. Edina, MN: ABDO Pub., 2009. Print.

"The White House."
The White House
. The White House. Web. 30 Apr. 2014.
Citation Example
Krensky, Stephen.
Barack Obama
. New York, NY: DK Pub., 2010. Print.

What do you notice?

What information is listed in the citation?

Where do you find this information?
List of books or websites that you used in your research project - It's the Citation Page
taking someone else's work & saying it is your own

F on your paper
Kicked out of school
Information included:

Author (Krensky, Stephen)
Title (Barack Obama)
Publisher (DK Publishing)
Publishing location (New York, NY)
Copyright Date (2010)
Format (Print)

*All information is found on the title page!

Citation Creation
1. Author: Last name, First name

2. Title: in italics

3. City & state of the publisher

4. Publisher name

5. Copyright date

6. Type of resource: Print, Web, etc.

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