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No description

Lily Weaver

on 9 May 2010

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Transcript of Chef

Culinary Chef Lily Weaver
4th period
A chef has many responsibilities. They have to cook the food and make sure it is done in a timly manner so as to not anger the customer. They have to be sure that their work area and hands are clean so they don't contaminate the food. Cleaning up the kitchen is also in their job description. The dishes have to be done in betweeen cooking times so they don't run out of utensils and plates to cook with. Many people depend on them to get their job done right and quickly. Most chefs have prior knowedge and experience in the food preperation field. You can get a degree in hospitality from any community college that offers it. Many chefs continue their career and get a degree in culinary arts. To be a culinary chef you have to get a certificate from The American Culinary Federation.

Le Cordon Bleu and Keiser University offer a culinary arts program. The average salary for a chef or head cook is $39,770. It really depends on where you work, what kind of food you make, and what level you are. In 10 years this career will probably be in the same place. People will always be eating food and there will always be a need for chefs. However there will most likely be more technology available. This could change the way the food is prepared and delivered. Food will always be in high demand all over the world. Since the population of the world is rapildly growing and will continue to grow, by 2016 experts expect that the demand for chefs will increase by 11% all over the world. lily Chefs use technology for looking up recipies, nutritional analysis and much more. They are still developing ways to better use the available resourcesa to create more integration and achieve bussiness objectives. Everyone is a customer in this career. However, not all people go to fancy restaurants all the time. Chefs normally work in fancier places. But in general everyone is a customer. Chefs have to get their ingredients from other business suppliers. Math is used in cooking and measuring. Chefs have measure out their ingredients so they can be sure they have the right amount. Being a chef many problems can arise. Food can turn out bad, it can take longer than they expected, run out of ingredients, unhappy constomers, and losing customers. Being a chef you have to work in teams and get along with people. If you are head chef you have to be kind when giving orders. If you work under someone you have to respect them and follow their instructions.

Dealing with customers is one of the main things when being a chef. You have to be sure that you do exactly what the customer wants and be nice to them.
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