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Olympics Games 2012!

Sorry the other prezi Olympics games by Henry Nguyen is the wrong one because I can't get back to my account so I get a copy of it and this one is the real one ok :D!

Henry Nguyen

on 11 September 2012

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Transcript of Olympics Games 2012!

We're going to write five questions about the Olympics! 1. How many people have actually carried the Olympic torch? The Olympics torch has been carried in the torch Relay by 3,529 people and traveled 3901.57 miles. 2. How many athletes in total will complete in the 2012 Olympic Games? About 10,500 competitors will be focused on a medal this summer. 3. Who are the sponsors of the Olympics? Protector and Gamble (head and shoulders, bold, Gillette, Pringles), Cisco, Fresh fields, coke cola, Twirl from Cadbury, McDonalds. 5. How many summer Olympics Sports are there? There were 26 Olympics sports at London 2012. Some of them are:
Canoe and Kayak
Rowing Each country has a maximum of two entries in each of 26 individual events and one entry in each of the six relays. That's what does a swimmer prepare for the Olympics! What does a swimmer do to prepare for the Olympics? Most teams will have different levels based on swimmers ages, skills, and speeds... To make the USA Olympic Swimming Team, a swimmer must finish first of second at the USA Swimming Olympic Trials Swim Meet and they must be a US citizen. Each country has a maximum of two entries in each of 26 individual events and one entry in each of the six relays. What new sports are in the Olympics this year? Why have they been included? There are no new sports added this year. But there are events including: mixed doubles in tennis, women's boxing and Omnium track cycling. Previous Olympic Games included sports which are no longer present on the current program like polo and tug of war. Investigating an event At the end of the nineteenth century, equal access to sport for men and women was far from being a reality. Within society had gained ground because it guaranteed the dominant position of man and the subordination of women. Whilst men who were included in sport as athletes or officials dominated the scene. Participation was strongly connected to a world which did not welcome female athletes. In this patriarchal line Baron Pierre gave all his energy to reinvent the Olympics games. For the new Olympic sport, named Modern Pentathlon and combining shooting, fencing, horse riding, swimming and running in tone event, it was clear to him that there was no place for any form of femininity. While there were many examples of women’s exclusion from sport in the early Olympics, like the well investigated history of the slow development of female participation in swimming. Investigate an athlete Sally Pearson was born in Sydney and moved to Gold Cost when she was 8 years old. It was there while she was still in Primary School, that her athletic talent's coach is Sharon Hannan, when Sally was 14 years old she won the Australian under 20 100m title. The following month, still only 16 years old, she presented Australia at open level at the 2003 World Championships in Paris. In 2004 she won a bronze in the 100 m at the World Junior Championships, and just missed out on a medal in the 100 m hurdles. At the 2006 Commonwealth Games in Melbourne, Pearson tripped over a hurdle and fell to the ground during the 100 m hurdles final, trying to get her chance to win a medal. THAT'S THE END OF MY ASSIGNMENT! THANK YOU FOR WATCHING! Here's my logo! The mascot Wenlock and Mandeville The mascots were unveiled on 19 May 2010. Wenlock and Mandeville are animations depicting two drops of steel from a steelworks in Bolton. They are named after the Shropshire town of Much Wenlock, which held a forerunner of the current Olympic Games, and Stoke Mandeville Hospital, the precursor of the Paralympic Games. Sally was going good in 2009 European season she broke the Australian record in the 100 m hurdles in July with a time of 12.50 seconds; 0.03 faster than the area record she had set on the same track a year earlier.
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