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Chemistry Summative

No description

Hugh Jass

on 3 May 2010

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Transcript of Chemistry Summative

applications of chemistry in the production and function of pharmaceuticals DRUG DEVELOPMENT Step ONE: Synthesis & Manufacturing Step FIVE: Comparative Clinical Trials Step SIX: Post-Marketing and Release Step TWO: Animal Studies Step FOUR: Human Studies Phase II (Actual Patients) Step THREE: Human Studies Phase I (Healthy Subjects) KIANICILLIN HOMEWORKITIS OSMOSIS & ENTROPY the diffusion of particles through a selectively permeable membrane Entropy = measure of how organized or disorganized a system is. CHAPTER 7 In osmosis, entropy always wants to increase Chapter 4 MOLECULAR
STRUCTURES we explored resonance structures and isomers, which are different in structure but identical in chemical formula Chapter 6 SPECTROPHOTOMETRY Used to monitor the progress of a reaction by using light to calculate a solution‘s concentration. the quantifiable study of electromagnetic spectra
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