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Figurative language in My Little Pony:Friendship is Magic

A presentation for English class, so not everything is on the bubble/slides. Enjoy!

Strangely Ominous

on 26 March 2014

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Transcript of Figurative language in My Little Pony:Friendship is Magic

Figurative language
in My Little Pony:

Friendship is Magic

Figurative language helps us understand themes in MLP:FiM
Figurative language= symbolism, allegory, metaphors and similes.
Symbolism is found in the show as a whole and each episode.
Similes and metaphors are found in songs
Figurative language helps the target audience to understand themes in:
Similes and metaphors
- make the respondent see the similarities between one object or idea and another. They use the word 'is'.
E.g she is a pig
- like metaphors, make a comparison. The uses the word 'like' or 'as'.
E.g she eats like a pig
Becoming Popular
Apples to the core
"we're thick as thieves"-

their closeness is being compared to that of thieves.
"You're more fun than the colour pink"-

Pinkie Pie is comparing them to her favourite colour. She means that they are extremely fun.
Symbolism and Allegory
In the world of MLP, friendship IS magic.
The ponies’ society depends upon magic
They NEED magic, thus in turn, they NEED friendship.
Equestria is a representation of a near-utopian society.
A world of friendship, not greed.
where one idea or object is represented with another with another.
E.g skull is death
a text where the apparent meaning of an event actually symbolises a deeper abstract meaning
E.g The chronicles of Narnia are an allegory.
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Babs seed
"The girl in the flow"-
a comparison to the movement of liquid. It means that she is popular.
"Not just another Jane Doe"-
the phrase 'Jane Doe' has the connotation of being an unknown female. It means she isn't unknown.
present the events of a few days in just a few minutes
The use of metaphors that mean the same thing emphasises how excited Rarity is.
A lot of the metaphors are clichés.
This may be due to the audience's young age.
Every second line rhymes
This may also due to the audiences young age.
"She's just a bad, bad seed" -

she is being compared to a rotten seed. she is bad.
Chorus background is a visual metaphor itself-
the seeds peel to reveal a different colour underneath.
Each metaphor doesn't mean the exact same thing, unlike the metaphors in becoming popular.
the metaphors are often clichés, just like the last video
lines rhymes in couplets
the video shows the metaphors, but not what is literally happening
just like 'becoming popular', this song helps the story progress.
Most of the metaphors were clichés, particularly those sung by the Apples.
Pinkie Pie's metaphors were very creative.
This video was a mix of what was actually happening and what the metaphors were saying.
This song had a different purpose to the other two.
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