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neutral scenes

No description

Barbara Amberg

on 22 September 2016

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Transcript of neutral scenes

Neutral Scenes
This assignment is meant to give you a taste of 2 different characters in compressed scenes with different settings. It is important for an actor to be able to convey a character within a shortened time.
In a blind draw you and a partner will choose one out of 20 scenes.
As an example
Betsy and Tommy get the following scene:

A: You’ve been gone an hour. Where did you go?
B: Out.
A: Can’t you be more specific?
B: Not really.
A: Did you miss me?
B: I’m not sure.
A: You should have called.
B: Too late now.
A: Are you still mad?
B: Not like I was
A: I wish you would have stayed.
The first time through Betsy plays character A and Tommy plays character B they set the scene in a kitchen with Betsy being a Mom who is waiting for her son.
It is up to you to convey to the audience where you are and what your relationship is.

You will have class time to work on it and you will be docked a letter grade for everyday you are not ready. (If you are not ready on the date specified you will lose a letter grade for everyday you postpone.)

You will be graded as a pair, so be aware of who you choose as a partner.

Your due date is_________________________
The second time through they are at the carnival. Betsy plays character B (a disgruntled employee) and Tommy plays character A,(someone stuck on a ride.)

Mom: You’ve been gone an hour. Where did you go?
Son: Out.
Mom: Can’t you be more specific?
Son: Not really.
Mom: Did you miss me?
Son: I’m not sure.
Mom: You should have called.
Son: Too late now.
Mom: Are you still mad?
Son: Not like I was
Mom: I wish you would have stayed.

Rider : You’ve been gone an hour. Where did you go?
Employee: Out.
Rider: Can’t you be more specific?
Employee: Not really.
Rider: Did you miss me?
Employee: I’m not sure.
Rider: You should have called.
Employee: Too late now.
Rider: Are you still mad?
Employee: Not like I was
Rider: I wish you would have stayed.
Who might the characters be?
Where could this scene be set?
You need to use your imagination to create the setting and the character relationships
The dialogue gives no indication to where the scene takes place or who the characters in the scene are.
You will be doing the scene twice.
Each person will play each character once.
Two different locales should be created
Let's see an example:
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