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Pakistan Power Point

Danyal Sanchez

on 29 March 2013

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Transcript of Pakistan

Created using Prezi! This Power Point Was Made By:
Danyal Sanchez Pakistan 7th period \(>o<)/ \(^o^)/ \(^o^)/ \(>o<)/ Introduction :-) Hey! Thanks for umm... coming? My name Danyal and today i am going to talk about the great country of Pakistan! in this prezi-tation i will talk about :
Pakistan ( population, terrain, location, language, weather, Flag, Anthem.)
Culture which includes food, festivals, and religion, now and then.
So..... Lets get STARTED!!! The city of Karachi, Pakistan In this slide i will talk about the flag of Pakistan and the famous history behind it it. About Pakistan Syed Amirr Uddin Hawaii designed the national flag of Pakistan based on the design of the flag of the Muslim League (political Group).
The Constituent Assembly adopted this flag design in August 11, 1947.
In the national anthem of Pakistan, it is mentioned saying "flag of crescent and star".
the consist of a dark green field representing the majority of muslims in the country. And the white represents the majority of other religions.
The white crescent moon in the middle represents the progress, while the 5 pointed star represents the knowledge and light.
“The flag symbolizes Pakistan's
commitment to Islam, the Islamic world,
and the rights of religious minorities.” In this slide i talk about the , population, terrain, location, language, weather. About
Pakistan Population In Pakistan: 176,745,364 (2011)

Terrain Of Pakistan: "flat Indus plain in east; mountains in north and northwest; Balochistan plateau in west" Pakistan is located in between Afghanistan and India. The coordinates are 32.0162° N, 71.6926° E. The language is Pakistan is mainly is Urdu and Arabic with some English. Weather: Pakistan is in a temperate zone. The climate is very arid. As always it has for seasons. A cool, dry winter from December To February; a hot, dry spring from March through May; the summer rainy season, or southwest monsoon period from June through September; and the retreating monsoon of October and November. The national anthem of Pakistan is called Qaumi Tarana or Pak Sarzimin (the pure land).
In 1948 A. R. Ghani announced that the newly independent state of Pakistan need an Anthem, so he would give the two prizes of 5000 to the person who would be able to conduct and create the anthem. Hafeez Jullundhri wrote the lyrics of the National Anthem of Pakistan in 1952 and Ahmad G. Chagla composed the National Anthem of Pakistan in 1950. About Pakistan Pakistan

Urdu (english) Transliteration

Pak sarzamin shad bad

Kishware haseen shad bad

Tunishane azmealishan arze Pakistan

Markazeyaqin shadbad.

Pak sarzamin ka nizam quwate akhuwati awam

Qaum, mulk, Sultanat

Painda ta binda bad shad, bad man zele murad.

Parchame sitarao hilat

Rahbare tarraqio ka mal

Tarjumane mazishane hal jane istaqbal

Sayyai, khudae zul jalal.

Blessed be the sacred land,

Happy be the bounteous realm,

Symbol of high resolve, Land of Pakistan.

Blessed be thou citadel of faith.

The Order of this Sacred Land

Is the might of the brotherhood of the people.

May the nation, the country, and the State

Shine in glory everlasting.

Blessed be the goal of our ambition.

This flag of the Crescent and the Star

Leads the way to progress and perfection,

Interpreter of our past, glory of our present,

Inspiration of our future,

Symbol of Almighty's protection. In "Culture Of Pakistan" i will talk about:
Religion Culture of
Pakistan In this slide i will talk about Pakistan's Delicactable and Delicious cuisine. Culture Of
Pakistan In the A.D 700s, the spreading of Islam formed the basis of Pakistani cuisine. In Islam men and and women are forbade to eat/drink pork or alcohol (i will talk about this in the religion slide.)
Because of this, Pakistani's focused more on the cooking of beef, chicken, fish, and vegetables.

Mughal, a very old style of cooking from India(1500s), is used in the present day of Pakistan. Mughal usually includes ingredients like herbs and spices, almonds, and raisins. Alot of meals include naan, a type of bread, or paratha. Alot also are very spicy which means very good. This is the best food you will ever! (foreign food i mean). ASALAM ULAIKUM! MEH TIINK HOON? In this prezi-tation slide, i will tell you about some Pakistan's fantastic festivals! Culture Of
Pakistan In Pakistan, their main religion is the Islamic religion, so most of Pakistan's festivals are Islamic or Religious. But that does not mean it is not fun. These festivals and traditions are fun, entertaining and filled with many colors. Women wear beautiful, hand made shelvar (bottom) and kameez (top) and duputers or veils. Men wear the same thing except duputers.

These are some examples of the many festivals and events in Pakistan.
Ramadan- Ramadan, a religious festival in Islam, last a whole month. In this Muslims, like me, fast. When we fast when wake up before dawn, say our prayers and go on with our day. But we are not alowed to drink or eat at ALL. Not even water. seems a little harsh yes, once the sun goes down we say our prayers and then Feast all night and then continue the cycle. we do this to show our comitiment to the 6 pillars of islam, and one is fasting.
Eid-Ul-Fitr- Eid happens at the end of Ramadan to celebrate the end of Ramadan. This is one of the most joyfullest celebrations. In the morning in Karachi it is traditional to serve chai tea and samosas through out the streets. Through out the day it is tradition for children to get money, clothes, food, and toys and adults also get clothes and money. We also give to the homeless and charitys.
Pakistan Day- On this day, August 14, we celebrate the birth of Pakistan itself. This happened in 1940 so the country is very young. It used to be apart of India but it separated to form its own country.

There are many more but not enough time or..space.........TO THE NEXT SLIDE!!! Culture Of
Pakistan In this slide i will talk about the religion of Pakistan As you know, Pakistan's main religion is Islam. In Pakistan the percentage of religions are
45% Islam
7% Jewish
6% Hindu
7% Buddhist
7% Sikh
28% Other Religion. This Prezi- tation was made by Danyal Sanchez
YOUR HERO LOL \(*-*)/ Copyright 2012 Danyal Sanchez :-)
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