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Maximum ride timeline

Maximum ride timeline

David Collins

on 22 February 2011

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Transcript of Maximum ride timeline

Angel Gets Taken Max, Fang, Iggy, Angel, Nudge and Gasman go picking for straw berries Angel is abducted by erasers Max and everyone else tries to stop erasers but can't Max, Fang and Nudge leave to rescue Angel Max, Fang and Angel leave to the school to rescue Angel from the erasers Iggy and Gasman stay home to protect the house On way to the school Max spots a girl in trouble and saves her Max is shot and runs away in forest Max goes to Ella's house for help to heal her wound Max stays with The Martinez and goes to get an x-ray Meanwhile Fang and Nudge wait for Max on the side of a cliff Iggy and Gasman blow up erasers with a bomb Angel meets jeb at the school Max meets up with Fang and Nudge Iggy and Gasman meet up with everyone else then head to school Max, Fang, Iggy, Gasman and Nudge free Angel from the school. The flock goes to New York to find the institute Max has a voice in her head The flock gets a crazy makeover The mutants go underground in the sewer system to find the institute Max prints papers explaining who their parents are Max kisses Fang when Aari hurts him Max kills Ari The flock flies away from New York to find their parents. A girl named Ella is being bullied by teenage boys Max flys in and beats up all of the guys Ella runs away After Max takes care of business she runs away into the forest The guys chase after her and shoot her with a shotgun from a far distance Max's shoulder is wounded from a bullet Ella's mom Dr. Martinez is a veterinarian Ella and her mom are the first non flock to know about Max's wings Ella goes to school and Dr. Martinez takes Max to her veterinarian hospital Max gets an X-Ray on her should and finds out her bone is fine. Her tissue is just damaged Max stays with the Martinez familly until she is healed Fang and Nudge are waiting for Max on a cliff where they stay They watch eagles soar through the air and learn techniques from them Iggy and Gasman blow make a bomb to blow up the erasers but end up blowing up a shed too They set a tarp with oil for the erasers car to slip on which makes the erasers angry The whole flock is together except for Angel All of the mutants not including Angel rescue her from the school The flock and some helpful eagles fight off whitecoats and escape with Angel The flock heads to New York to find the institute and information on who their parents are Max acquires a voice in her head that helps her along the way giving her images where to go next A Tv station employee asks the flock if they wan't to be on a special show that gives them a crazy make over and they accept Everyone gets new clothes and a cool hair cut. For example Iggy has white spiked hair with black points at the end Max's voice tells the flock to go underground into New Yorks sewer system and find the secret door to the institute On the way out Ari tries to stop the flock but slips on the stairs Max hits Ari's head against the cement stairs and kills him The flock's new mission is to find their parents according to the information on the papers from the institute. Angel is at the school and sees jeb who was supposably dead The white coats make Angel go through tests and shock her Max finnaly comes to the cliff where Fang and Nudge were waiting and meets up with them The flock is at the institue and try to access a computer but it is password protected Nudge discovers her new power is hacking computers Nudge puts her hand on the computer and hacks into it A huge mob of erasers are at the flocks beach they are staying at and they attack them Ari beats up Fang bad Jeb comes and stops the fight Max kisses Fang
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