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Global Poverty

No description

Karissa Hildebrand

on 13 November 2013

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Transcript of Global Poverty

Global Poverty and Inequality
Statistical Examination of Poverty
Inequality in the Global North and South
Poverty and Deafness
Christian Poverty Organizations
Celebrities and Poverty
Feed My Starving Children
Secular Poverty/Injustice Organizations
Compassion International
• “we’ve been lied to. Me, you, our children, the children of the world. It’s the lie of poverty. The life of what poverty really is. Because poverty is deeper than a lack of food. Deeper than a lack of clothes. Deeper than a lack of shelter. Poverty is a lack of hope. And without hope, millions of children around the world are defenseless against the unrelenting voice of the enemy and his most powerful lie.”
Child Sponsorships
Get food
Get an education
Become deeper in faith
North African countries
Food for the Hungry
Less Developed Countries in the North
Our experts respectfully bring new practices in agriculture, health, child development and more to impoverished communities
Child Sponsorships
South African Countries
More Developed Countries in the South
Disaster Relief
Inequality in the Global North and South
World Vision
4.2 million children are being sponsored
The process by which the economic, political, social, and international relations are intensified

Extreme Poor: Living on less than $1 a day
Samaritan's Purse
• Children’s heart project
• Greta home and academy
• Operation Christmas child
• Operation heal our patriots
• U.S. disaster relief
• Etc.

Percentage Population living on less than $1 a day

Almost two in three people lacking access to clean water survive on less than $2 a day, with one in three living on less than $1 a day.

Problems Deaf People Face
Main worldviews toward Deaf people in North America
Capable and culturally distinct
Main worldviews toward Deaf people non-Western countries
Second class citizens
Not citizens
Often sold as slaves with pretense of better life

Helping but Not Helping?
Missionaries have good intentions
Can undermine cultural norms
This widens the gap between Hearing and Deaf nationals
Pride in distinct language and culture gone
Deaf people feel controlled…still
What do they need?
Discerning leaders
Education and job training
Justice and rescue for the enslaved

More than 30 percent of children in developing countries – about 600 million – live on less than US $1 a day
Secular Organizations
Deaf Child Worldwide
Focus on Deaf children without previous education
Provide funding to existing in-country organizations
Challenge social attitudes
Safe Love Clubs
Provide info about STD’s to teens and young adults
Largely inaccessible to the Deaf
Two Deaf Clubs now

Christian Organization
Deaf Child Hope International
Like Compassion International
Sponsorship of individual children
Also train teachers of the Deaf
Unique financial needs
Sensitive to cultural bondage

Dr. Harold Damerow’s Dependency Theory
In 2012/13 Wateraid brought safe water to 1.7 million people and water sanitation to 2.2 million people
Every 20 seconds a child around the world dies due to water related issues
Started in 1981
They are at work in over 27 countries
Meet Fabiola...
Fabiola is from Peru and she is 36 years old with two children working on a farm she is in need of a loan of $450 to buy young animals
Kiva is a charity organization who gives out microloans in hopes to eliminate poverty
Tanzanian Children Fund
Invisible Children
Invisible children was started in 2004 by Bob Bailey, Lauren Poole and Jason Russell
Purpose: To combat child armies due to Joseph Kony in Uganda, Africa

This 10 year old organization is a help in many ways including
- Medical assistance
- Education Programs
- Microfinacing Loans
- Providing kids housing
80% of the world’s
population lives on
less than $10 a day
Breakdown of the Total
Global Income
Of the total global income:
5% comes from the lowest 40%
20% comes from the middle 40%
75% comes from the top 20%
In the beginning of the 21st century almost 1 billion people
could not read or sign their own name.
On average, children living in poverty will be sick
around 160 days a year.
Of the ten million deaths of children each year, half is directly correlated with living in poverty.
Out of 2.2 billion children in the world, 1 billion children live in poverty and more than 120 million children are not educated worldwide.
Around 2.2 million children die each year because they are not immunized
About 15 million children are orphaned from HIV and AIDS
Poverty in America
15 percent of Americans
(over 46 million people)
are living in poverty
An average of around 8% of people are unemployed
The lowest being in North Dakota with 3% and the high being in Neveda with 11%
From 1760~1820
What is a Celebrity?
According to Merriam-Webster celebrity means, the state of being famous or celebrity
Celebrities can be anyone that mainstream culture knows and "adores"
Celebrities are typically actors/actresses or professional athletes.
Why do celebrities matter?
Even though some celebrities seem stuck up, there are famous people who have a heart for poverty
Angelina Jolie
Many people know Jolie because of her movies, Tomb Raider, Mr. and Mrs. Smith, and The Tourist
Jolie has made a name outside of acting
She has shown the world how much she cares about global injustice and poverty

Many people know Jolie because of her movies, Tomb Raider, Mr. and Mrs. Smith, and The Tourist
Jolie has made a name outside of acting
She has shown the world how much she cares about global injustice and poverty
While filming, Tomb Raider in Cambodia she fell in love with adoption
She adopted three children from three different impoverished countries
Even with her own children she worked with charities and poverty
When Jolie announced the birth of her first child the press wanted pictures
Rather than having paparazzi take pictures of her newborn, she sold pictures she took to the press
Selling these pictures she made millions of dollars, but did not keep any of the profits
All of the money that she made went to charities to help people trapped in poverty
South produces raw goods
North produces manufactured goods
Purchased from the South
Why is She important?
She is the United Nations High Comissioner for Refugees (UNHCR) Goodwill Ambassador
She travels around the world to seek out and talk to refugees
Raises money for global disasters
Raises awareness on adoption
In 2013 she traveled to Syria
Feed My Starving Children
How do you get involved?
What do you do there?
20th wealthiest country based on GDP
Scored highest in CGD for 2012
How it got started!
Founded in 1987 by Richard Proudfitt
Rice Formula Created and Packaged
First Shipments
Prayer became priority after rededication
Mobile Pack Events
Formula for babies
So many Locations!
Europe and the United States
Europe came in 3rd with 5.3
US came in 5th with 4.8
The UK's total GDP is $37,500
The US' total GDP is $51,000
GDP is $37,500 - 22nd wealthiest country
Their CGD score was next to last (26th)
1st Site: Brooklyn Park, MN
2004: Eagan, MN
2006: Chanhassen, MN
2008: Aurora, IL
2009: Brooklyn Park site moved to Coon Rapids, MN
2010: Schaumburg, IL
2011: Tempe, AZ
2012: Libertyville, IL

SO much Growth!


Meals :

400,000 153,000,000
2,409 662,062
2 163

4 84 (primary)
Annual Budget:

$55,000 $38,600,000
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