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World War 2 on the Eastern Front

Operation Barbarossa- Nazi blitzkreig against the Soviet Union

Barry Kennedy

on 17 April 2011

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Transcript of World War 2 on the Eastern Front

Double click anywhere & add an idea Prelude: 1940-1941
•Few expected the ______________________of 1939 to last long.
•___________had always planned to destroy the USSR [Russia] and ___________it with Germans.
•He called this ‘l________________’ or living space in his book ‘____________’

•On________________, Hitler signed Directive Number 21, better known as_________________________.
• "The German armed forces must be ready ________________________________________to defeat the Soviet Union by means of___________________.“ Hitler’s 1st Mistake
•In Hitler’s decision to invade the USSR before defeating Britain….
he is making the same ____________________________________- opening a war on__________________. Operation Barbarossa
•Hitler began planning Operation Barbarossa—a ______________campaign to defeat Russia.
• He prepared the largest military force ever seen. The 117 ground divisions held_________________. The Luftwaffe (______________________) sent four of its five air fleets. The Strategy
•The Nazi plan sent ___ Armies- ‘North’ to______________, ‘South’ to _________________[& the Soviets food and oil], and ‘Center’ to _______________- the Soviet capital city. The Attack- Blitzkreig phase 1 – Stuka attack
•The violence of the German ______________succeeded beyond all expectations…
•The Red Airforce was obliterated _______________by the sneak ‘Stuka’ attacks.
•_____________Soviet planes were destroyed in the first day of the invasion. Blitzkreig phase 2- Panzer attack
•The ‘________’ divisions ripped through the Soviet forward lines and ___________entire Red Army groups, hundreds of miles into Russia
•The USSR had an astounding ____________tanks in 1941
•They ______________ Blitzkreig phase 3- Infantry attack
•The German infantry collected over ________________prisoners by July ---1941.
•Germany assumed it had won [in 2 weeks!]
•_________ disappeared for this period. Some contend he suffered a nervous breakdown. He emerged and addressed the nation on July 3, 1941. Hitler’s 2nd Mistake- Changing the Plan
•With nothing to stop _____________from taking Moscow, Hitler chose to stop this army by sending its Panzers to assist the South army.
•When the _________returned and the push to __________resumed it was September.
•The Centre Army still had time to take Moscow unless. _______ came early.
•The German Army was not _______________ ___________to fight a ____________war.
•By December 6, the Germans were in the Moscow _________when
•Soviet _____________counter-attacked with his ‘_______________and forced the Germans to retreat.____________, both sides dug in for the winter 1942 Stalingrad
•When winter ended, Hitler decided to win the war by taking ______________[in the south] cut off the Soviet ___________________supply.
•This would be the sight of the turning point of WW2.

•By August ’42 Germany’s best army ________________________- had blitzed into Stalingrad where it bogged down in bitter _____________________•The fighting was house to house- fighting that the German army was ___________________
|•By October the Germans were in control __________of the city when..
•The Soviets launched a surprise counter attack which encircled the entire 6th army.
•Trapped in Stalingrad Hitler ordered von Paulus to______________.

The Surrender The Surrender
•Von Paulus instead _____________________to General Chuikov on Februray 3, 1943.
•250 000 Germans died in Stalingrad.
__________became POW’s in Soviet ‘gulags’ [slave labor camps.
•_________ returned after the war.
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