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Wearable Technology

No description

Alejandra Castaneda

on 18 May 2015

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Transcript of Wearable Technology

Wearable Technology
Environmental Impact:
Human Impact
Precautionary Principle
The manufacturing methods they use in creating these garments are clean and carefully chosen, respecting the environment and the wearers.

I do not think this item is very effecting in a negative way, the only problem is the coal energy, and I think that it is a good product that does not have to be worried about.
Essential Question:
In order to reap the multiple benefits that technology affords us, is it really necessary to harm our environment/ourselves in the process.
Alejandra Castañeda
My Answer:
No, in my opinion messing with ourselves and the environment will effect us in the long run. Soon we will not have the necessary items to create all the things we create today. If we pay attention, we will be able to have access to everything we need.

I think we should use this invention, and grow from it. I think it could be productive and it is safe to us and the environment.

The Big Problem
Standing out is a must, and wearing inappropriate outfits is a bust. So this new stylish invention provides a way to stand out in all the right ways.
Environmental Impact:
Environmental Impact: Operation
Wearable Technology
People purchasing this item could enjoy the feeling of attention and being able to express themselves.

People could advertise with the lights.
It also provides entertainment.
CuteCircuit's designs come from Shoreditch, London. They are made in the UK, Italy, and USA.

They use fossil fuels for the energy for manufacturing.
Cons of Coal:
The biggest problem is the enormous amount of carbon dioxide emitted.
Pros of Coal:
Cheap and can be made low in carbon & clean with CCS and various scrubbers.
There are no hazardous substances present in the products and they are free from lead and mercury.
They are certified this means they have been tested for safety.
Batteries are difficult to dispose of, and to charge you have to use your local power source, which in this case is mostly fossil fuels.

Sometimes batteries can work better because it does use less energy than if you plug and item in, but there is that few that have plug ins.
If it short circuits you can be electrocuted.

You have to remove the batteries to wash, and that takes time.
They also can have a plug snap-in controller that plugs into the USB port.
The lights could cause headaches, and bother people around them.
It is very expensive.
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