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Comma Splicing

No description

Katherine Rickson

on 6 March 2018

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Transcript of Comma Splicing

Comma Splicing
Read through your assessment.

Can you find an example of where you've comma spliced and correct it?
A simple sentence
ONE main idea/clause.
It MUST contain a noun and a verb.
A main idea/clause DOES make sense alone
The cat sat on the mat.
A Compound Sentence
TWO main ideas/clauses. They could stand alone but they're joined by a connective, usually and/or/but
The cat sat on the mat and the dog sat in front of the fire.
A complex sentence
One main idea/clause and one subordinate idea/clause.
A subordinate clause DOES NOT make sense on its own.
The cat sat on the mat because it was tired.
Sentence Structures
1. Simple Sentence
2. Complex Sentence
3. Compound Sentence
a) Although we lost, we were still winners at heart.

b) He can break dance and he can ride a BMX really well.

c) Khan can play football.

Label the 3 sentence types.
I think that Will Smith is a great actor. He is particularly brilliant in Men In Black 3. It is funny and it is very entertaining. If you haven’t seen it yet, then put it on your to-do list. There are lots of eye-catching effects, such as fast cars. There are plenty of jokes and there are some twists in the story plot too.
Task: Highlight and label the 3 sentence types used in the above text.

Extension: Can you label the subordinate clauses?

LO: To understand what a comma splice is and how to correct them.
Which conjunctions could we use to make these into correct sentences?
A comma splice is where two main clauses are connected with a comma or have nothing at all between them.
What is a comma splice?
The cat sat on the mat, the dog sat in front of the fire.
The cat sat on the mat the dog sat in front of the fire.
Comma splicing is the most common mistake students make and will prevent you from getting the highest grades in your tests.
Me when you comma splice
Put them into two separate sentences.

Connect them with a conjunction.

Connect them with a semi-colon.

How to fix a comma splice
The day was freezing cold. I braced myself to come out.
The day was freezing cold but I braced myself to go out.
The day was freezing cold; I braced myself to go out.
The day was freezing cold, I braced myself to come out.
Write this sentence on the table.
1. The room was a sickly magnolia, it smelled like it had never been cleaned.
2. There came a screaming howl, John began to tremble.
3. The unnatural mist became thicker and thicker, it got so thick he could not see.
4. He tried to shake off the choking fog, it was clinging on for dear life.
5. John tried to breathe but couldn’t, he had to open the door.
6. He threw it open wide, he took long, deep breaths of the clean air.
7. A strong wind gusted, a frightened tingle went down the back of his neck.
8. A shadow was advancing rapidly across the path, John opened his mouth to scream.

Fix these comma splices.
What is a ....
1. simple sentence
2. compound sentence
3. complex sentence
4. main clause
5. subordinate clause
6. comma splice?
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