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Virtual tour of the All Saints Library 2014

This is a virtual tour of the All Saints Library at Manchester Metropolitan University (MMU).

Terence Dooley

on 15 October 2014

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Transcript of Virtual tour of the All Saints Library 2014

Tour of the All Saints Library
Print, photocopying and scanning machines are available in the foyer area.

Walk past them and you will reach the entrance to the
Chat Zone.
You don't have to enter the Library to return your books.

You can use our handy booksorter.
...to get in and out of the Library.
You will need your student card...
Reservations are held in the foyer. You can find them under the first three letters of your surname and the last four digits on your ID card.
Then use your ID card and PIN to take them out using our self-service terminals.
Top up your MMU print account in the foyer before making your way through the swipe access gates.

You can search for books using the Library Catalogues available here.
Welcome to
All Saints Library
Now you've seen the foyer, you can move through to the floors and wings to find your books...
Ground Floor North
has books on Computing, Philosophy, Library & Information Studies, Politics, Psychology and Sociology.

Books are found using their shelf numbers. We have subject and floor guides in the help desk area and lift lobbies.
You can also access our Wi-Fi networks in the study spaces on each floor, so vast areas of the library are potential study spaces.
Every wing has a shelving bay where we put recently returned books, so if you can't find what you're looking for check to see if it is on this bay.
Ground Floor West

is especially useful for law students as we keep all the law reference material here.

Books on Economics, Law, Criminology, Education, Tourism, Events Management, Social Care and Environmental Science are also kept in this wing.
Are you ready to move on to the 1st Floor now?
If so, you can either head through to the lifts or take the stairs up to the other floors.
Fourth Floor Silent Study Zone
While you have a break or eat lunch, you can charge your mobile devices in our Chat Zone.
Once inside, you can come to the helpdesk, where our friendly staff are waiting and ready to help.
Did you know that you can access the library catalogue on your mobile device at anytime?
Special Collections
...don't forget our new Group Study Area on the 5th floor. Lift access will be available in January 2015, until then you will need to use the stairs from the 4th floor.
The 1st Floor East is a group study space.

There is also a group study area available on the
5th Floor.
The IT Zone is in the north wing of this floor.
As well as PCs, there are Macs available...
Remember, there are also PCs available throughout the library.
All of our printers are also scanners, but we have standalone scanners available in this wing and in the 2nd Floor East.

2nd Floor East
is home to our extensive print journals collection.
You can find current journals in Art & Design...
...as well as older issues of journals in the back runs.
You will also find back issues of the newspapers in this wing.
Folios are also kept on the 2nd Floor West.
There is an accessible study room.

Please ask at the helpdesk for booking information.
This is a shelfmark number.
You will find Languages, Science, Engineering, Business, Health and Medicine, Management, Hospitality, Accounting and Finance subject areas in the
1st Floor East
This is the
1st Floor West
, where we keep books on Architecture and most of the Art & Design subject areas.

Towards the back and to the right of the wing is the Library's collection of Exhibition Catalogues.
2nd Floor West
contains books on Academic Writing, English Literature, History, Geography and literature in other languages.
They are ordered in the same way
as our regular book stock.
Study spaces are available on the 4th floor.
There are different seating styles...
...and you can also plug in your laptops and mobile devices.
Or bring a book up with you.
Special Collections is on the 3rd Floor East.
It has a Reading Room...
...as well as a gallery area...
...the Current Exhibition can be found in this area.
Special Collections is an accredited museum and houses unique resources. Keep checking their website for news of upcoming exhibitions.
So that's your library, if you need assistance then please get in touch.
Passenger lift ready in January 2015.

These can be very useful, for example, for finding out how an artist worked or to explore the theme of an exhibition in more depth.
Improved lighting, heating and ventilation for the whole area.
Provision for around 100 PCs.
The foyer also has a relaxed seating and newspaper area.
... and you can also use your own laptop/tablet here.
A kiosk is available if you need to top-up your MMU print account.

Exhibition catalogues are a printed list of exhibits in an art exhibition.

...and other subject areas...
It also contains our Audio Visual Collection which includes DVDs, Videos, and CDs.
We also have published material relating to the Greater Manchester area, including parish registers and histories of individual towns.
This is in our
Local Collection
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