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Street Art

No description

Morgan Singleton

on 6 September 2013

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Transcript of Street Art

Street Art
What can we learn from
What is
Street Art
"A form of artistic expression that resists institutional legitimacy while it simultaneously becomes more widespread, more accepted.
"It is something that goes against the grain, or always pushes the envelope of what people are thinking or how people react in society. In a sense, I think that is good because it keeps society on its toes or not just so black and white"
- Sentrock
What is the difference between
Street Art
Street Art is done legally and focuses on the artistic form of the work. .
Street Artists
Street art emphasizes the visual image, uses a wide range of materials, and utilizes and integrates into the space it is created
Graffiti is usually done with spray paint, while street art is done with a wide vairety of materials, including dirt, plants, acrylic paint, wheat paste, paper, fabric, etc.
Graffti or "tagging" is an illegal art form that is usually text based, involving writing your name or a symbol on public property.
How to question assumptions
How to model creative behavior
How to work in a creative group
"Graffti is an anomaly because only a percentage is the aesthetic quality and the rest relies on the sport of how and where it's done...Graffiti is by nature self-indulgent and narcissitic; the root is putting your name in the face of others , by any means necessary... most get into it to play the game, and a few stay around long enough to create something with more meaning."
- Gabriel Lacktman aka "ThirdOne"
Street artists break the barrier of what is know and are always trying to push forward with new innovative ideas.
Street art is about the dialog between the community and other artists
Street art is about challenging the idea that there is one right way to make art or be an artist.
Shepard Fairey
Alice Pasquini
Anna Garforth
Shelley Miller
Max Zorn
Mark Jenkins
Mademoiselle Maurice
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