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No description

Camden Carmichael

on 28 October 2015

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Transcript of PAPER TOWNS

#4 Til' I'm Gone
By: Wiz Khalifa & Tinie Tempah
Everyone gets a miracle. At least that is what Quentin Jacobsen believes. His miracle, is living next to none other than Margo Ross Spiegelman. As young friends, prowling around their neighborhood in Orlando, Florida, they discover the body of a divorced man who has committed suicide in the neighborhood park. Margo commits herself to solving the mystery behind this man's death. She loved mysteries so much, she became one.
The Adventure Playlist
#1: Life is A Highway
By: Rascal Flatts
#3 Hold on Loosely
By: .38 Special
Margo would believe this song describes paper towns in the way they are flimsy and you can't really stick to them.
Summary Continued
Years later, after Margo has become an enigma to Quentin, she cracks open his window and enters his life again through an all night campaign of revenge. After the nighttime adventure ends, Margo whispers a goodbye to Quentin and leaves him sitting in his minivan.
#2 Runaway
By: Kanye West
By: John Green
"The town was paper, but the memories were not''
Summary Continued
The next day, Quentin arrives at school to realize Margo has disappeared two weeks before their high school graduation and has yet again become a mystery. Quentin and his friends Radar and Ben follow the complicated clues left by her. As Quentin dedicates his life to studying Margo to try and find her, he finds out more out the girl he always wanted to know about.
I believe Margo would enjoy listening to this song on her adventure because it speaks of freedom and that is what she is searching for on the road.
Margo may enjoy this song as she is on the road because she has planned her runaway from all of the problems in her life that she is leaving in Orlando.
Margo grows tired of living in the paper town of Orlando so one night she got up and left to travel. She tells Quentin that she may return some day.
#5 Sail
By: Awolnation
This song is all about being different. Margo can relate closely to the lyrics since she is a mystery to others in the ways she expresses herself.
#6 Eye of the Tiger
By: Survivor
I believe Quentin may enjoy this song because as soon as he starts on the trail to finding Margo, he becomes thrilled by it and has his eye opened for clues everywhere he goes.
#7 Erase Me
By: Kid Cudi & Kanye West
Quentin may be able to relate to this song since he feels like all Margo wants to do is erase him after leading him on a great adventure and then leaving.
#8 Drink You Away
By: Justin Timberlake
Quentin constantly goes to parties and drinks whenever he loses hope on finding Margo. But he never seems to give up on the search.
#9 Marvins Room
By: Drake
Before their adventurous night, Quentin watched Margo in the halls wondering if she remembered the good times they had as children. He feels as if she has forgotten about him.
#10 Run this Town
By: JayZ, Rihanna, & Kanye West
The night of their revenge campaign on Margo's foes, Margo shows Quentin that she has connections from Disney World to the Suntrust Tower in Orlando. She basically runs the town.
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