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Chapter 15:

No description


on 27 April 2015

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Transcript of Chapter 15:

Build Your Network
Build it, before you need it.

Connect whenever possible.
Finding Opportunity
in today's job market
Writing & Learning
your story to think like an employer
Research Industries
and Companies of Interest
Seek Career Counseling
and Avoid Mistakes
"[P]repare several versions of your resume, in multiple formats and...media" (p. 495).

Hard copy format is still relevant so choose off-white, heavy paper
Completing Your Resume
Writing Your Resume
Composing the Resume (p. 492-95)
Planning Your Resume
A Most Important Document
It REQUIRES time, so...
Chapter 15:
Building Careers and Writing Resumes

Make time, because it takes time.

Get organized.

Start now, not later.

Look for stepping-stone opportunities



future path

plan to assist employer

Hiring involves risk!

Successful hiring = quality hire
Am I low risk, high reward? Do I understand what companies want?
Research and interview customers

Read from business resources

Peruse electronic/social media
This allows you to tailor your resume to each/ a specific job opening.
Seek out job opportunities

Contact HRs, describe what you can offer, consider any opportunities
"Make informal connections with mutually beneficial business contacts" (p. 484)

This makes recommendations possible.

Participate/volunteer often.

Increase your network worth.
Beware of social network connections.
Don't come across as "careless, clueless, or disrespectful" (p. 486).

Cautionary tales: Trevor Noah, Ethan Czahor
Analyze Purpose and Audience
-know what company wants/needs

-build a
: a "structured summary of a person's education, employment background, and job qualifications" to get employers to want to interview (p. 487)

-gather any relevant information about yourself

-consider putting resume across several media and formats

-address any concerns potential employer may have
Common Resume Types
-work experience dominates
-is easy to read
-list jobs in reverse chronological order
-list necessary information
and highlight accomplishments
-emphasizes skills
and capabilities
-stresses job competence
rather than job history
-use if have limited
or spotty work history
-puts skills and job focus together
the following

frequent job changes
-address in
resume or cover letter
gaps in work history
-focus on
experience or education gained during hiatus
-volunteer? courses?
- experience and skills that relate to position
long-term employment
-increasing responsibility
job termination for cause/criminal
Omit mistakes
Devote time
Use models
Practice honesty
Adapt resume to target readers' needs and interests
Show how you'd be a perfect fit
Use similar terminology to hit applicant tracking systems
Keep it simple and direct Don't just say, show
Utilize strong action words Embed keywords
Qualify all phrases/statements made
Avoid common resume mistakes (p. 499)

Brevity matters

Usually 1 page in length
Keep style straightforward and simple

Focus on "simplicity, order, effective use of white space, and clear typefaces" (p. 500)

Use headings, lists, and tasteful colors (if considering)

Practice caution with electronic formats (consult company here)

Consider a PDF, Word, plain text, and/or online resume
Take this step seriously

Ask for an outside, objective review(er)
Follow company requirements

Follow directions as specified
And now,

After 15 chapters

And 14 weeks later,

Chapter 16....
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