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Oil and Gas Engineering

No description

Dallas Call

on 2 May 2014

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Transcript of Oil and Gas Engineering

Oil and Gas Engineering
By: Dallas Call
Learning Goals
Why I Chose This Career
Simple: Learn how to create an oil map

Stretch: Learn OSHA regulations

Complex: Learn the "Redbook"

Has all the engineering formulas and conversions

Good career
Tim Greene
8 years experience

Worked all over to U.S. including Texas, Wyoming, Montana, and North Dakota
I talked with him every week about my project
Worked with Stinger, Bjs, And

Oil map
Used to find oil hot spots
"Osha" Regulations
Occupational Safety and Health Administration
Used to keep a safe and healthy work environment

My 15 hours
Worked with my mentor to:
Develop a plan
Find my learning goals
Make my product
Communicate with people in the field
They use Thumpers to get maps
Very strict
Known as the "Bible" of the oil field
Used as a cheat sheet
Secure and well paying job
Engineering interests me
Successes and Obstacles

My Product:
3 Equations From the Redbook
1. Gallon per minute

2. Horse power

3. Revolutions per minute
Gallons per minute

Clean rate- barrels per minute
Concentration- gallons per thousand gallons
Clean rate= 92.9
Concentration= .75
92.9 BPM x .042 x .75 GPTG = 2.92 GPM
Psi- Pressure per Square inch
HP- Horse power
BPM- Barrels per minute
Clean rate x .042 x concentration = GPM
Psi x Bpm / 40.8 = HP
Psi: 9,500
BPM: 807,500
9,500Psi x 807,500Bpm / 40.8 = 19,751Hp
Revolutions per minute
PPM- Pounds per minute
PPR- Pounds per revolution
PPM: 525
PPR: 40.67
525PPM / 40.67PPR = 12.91RPM
Future Plans
Are There Any Questions?
Learning everything

finding a mentor

finding a product
Amount of times I saw my mentor

Restrictions in the field

No oil companies close by
Graduate high school
Attend College of Western Idaho for my generals
Transfer to Boise State
Classes that helped me
Personal development
What is oil and gas engineering?
Engineering mostly concerned with the production of crude oil
Reservoir Engineering- engineers that scan the earth for oil
Layers of Porus rock, non-Porus rock, gas, oil and then water
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