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inquiry on angel island


kristina larsen

on 13 April 2010

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Transcript of inquiry on angel island

inquiry on
angel island flora The project had two main goals:
- conduct a botanical survey of plants re-emerging in the area burned in the 2008 fire, and
- collect samples of native plants to be used to educate naturalists working with the park service fog The top of Mt. Livermore is a spectacular vantage point from which to observe the movements of the infamous San Francisco fog. In my experience, most people don't actually know why the fog behaves as it does.
I am amazed by this phenomenon, and by the scale and complexity of the system it represents. why? opportunities provided by the new location impact of the environment the visitor experience at our new location may feel like part of a suite of waterfront experiences. we arouse visitors' curiousity, wind them up and send them out into a world full of natural wonders and tourist attractions. a few hours with us can give people a temporary lens, a critical eye, heightened inquisitiveness, enhanced receptivity.
maybe we can encourage this, by giving them some pretty specific tools. alcatraz the ferry building geology of telegraph hill the bay bridge massive cargo ships the sea the sky sea lions migrating birds invasive species tugboats this started opportunistically -- my sister needed a volunteer. liquifaction biology
climate change
scientific tools
complex systems
native species
geology In concert with institutional priorities:
current science
climate science
complex systems personal curiosity
fog phenomemon areas of
focus: this may be nonsense narrative camping trip anecdote about observing fog geography
& geology media VIDEO
piers video
angel island trip video
sf bay fog video
satellite fog video

angel island
collection locations
GIS overlays
relationship to piers california flora
climate impact maps our new neighborhood: connections geology to plant distribution
climate change to plant distribution
consumer tools to scientific tools (mapping, gis)
single organism (flowering plant) to complex system
local phenomenon to complex system
fog phenomenon diagram LINKS
cal flora climate study
berkeley mapper herbarium specimen photos physical
models mounted specimen
fog demo
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