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2015/16 Applications of GIS

Melbourne University Prezi 2015 (updated for 2016)

Rafe Benli

on 21 February 2017

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Transcript of 2015/16 Applications of GIS

Geographic Information Systems
Bournemouth University
- Map Info 6.5 (now version 12.5)

Ireland's Office of Public Works
- Digitizing benefiting land and bridge assets

Center for Ecology and Hydrology
- Digitizing UK Hydro-graphic network (rivers)
Applications of GIS
Presented by Rafe Benli
Thank you!
Tell us once
Address intelligence
UK GIS - thoughts
Importance of a street name

Importance of an address

Benefits of spatially accurate information

Achievable through GIS

OGN processes
Administers the creation of roads, features and localities

Street and locality name underpins creation of an address

Compliance to Guidelines - duplication

CPN and addresses used by ESTA to provide dispatch

All achievable through GIS

Australian spatial industry
Provide examples of government applications of GIS data?

What potential uses of GIS data can you see for government or the private sector?

Why is location (place) data important?

What are the impacts of incorrect data?
Final thoughts
Power of computers

Power of data

Power in your hands

Bigger capacity to integrate data
More data being collected,
open data
Smart phones, you
In excess of 200K uniquely named roads
2014 ESTA annual report 6600 calls / day or every 13 seconds
Current projects
Guidelines Review 2015
Waterway naming authorities
ANZAC Commemorative Naming Project
Aboriginal naming
Addressing complex sites
Enables satellite navigation
New datum GDA2020
Pinpoint accuracy
Common place names

In excess of 40K registered, recorded and historic place names
Great Australian Bight Commonwealth Sea Reserve
Scientist abseil 100m down the Bunda Cliffs at the head of the Great Australian Bight to place satellite tags on a population of threatened Australian Sea lions. The information captured by the devices is loaded into a GIS to be mapped and analysed to show how far the animals travel (and to what depths) to feed while their cubs are on shore. The GIS information is used to help protect the population, with the creation of sea reserves.
Venus Bay Conservation Park
Bilby's are trapped, tagged and released. Data collected from the radio tags is mapped within a GIS to determine the range (area they roam) within the park. The maps and analysis are used to target predator (fox / feral cat) control programs to aid in the recovery of the species.
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