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5 effective window display techniques

No description

Vicky Pun

on 21 February 2013

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Transcript of 5 effective window display techniques

5 effective window display
techniques train the trainer 2 more techniques... Recap Colour Image Simplicity Focal Point Tell a story, sell a story Activity: Imagine you are part of the visual merchandising team, design a window display and explain your inspiration in creating it. less is more inspire customers largest item show your expertise set mood and feelings continue renewal simplicity
tell a story, sell a story
focal point
colour Time line for today's training Objectives Activity 5 techniques Activity Recap (5-10 mins) (5-10 mins) How much do you know about window display?
Rate 1 to 5 Objectives Learn the 5 effective window display techniques
Review the good and bad examples convey clear message direct the eyes of the viewer go unusual and big display What does window display mean to you? Activity:
Review the display you did earlier on, what are some of the areas you can improve on and how you can change it to be a more effective window display? Always ask yourself:
"Where's your WOW?" Remember to: Lastly... Let's begin... end Any questions? check the lighting
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