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Advertising in Morocco

No description

Meryem Rajoum

on 12 September 2018

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Transcript of Advertising in Morocco

Advertising in Morocco
Evolution of advertising
Transit ad
Every day when we watch TV or read the newspaper, we come across advertisements.
Ads are placed where advertisers believe they will reach the largest, most relevant audience. Commercial businesses use advertising to drive the consumption of their product, while non-profit organizations may place ads to raise awareness or encourage a change in behavior or perception.

Integrated advertising
Advertising in Morocco
Importance of advertising
1. Promotion of Sales
2. Introduction of New Product
3. Creation of Good Public Image
4. Mass Production
5. Research
6. Education of People
7. Support to Press
Advertising agencies in Morocco
1472 : First Posters
1650 : The first newspaper ad appears, offering a reward for 12 stolen horses
1704 : Soon after the newspaper places the first ad in America for a long island estate
1741 : The first ads were essentially personal classifieds. Clever ad copy wasn't a thing yet, so advertisers played with headlines to garner attention.
1841 : Advertising as a profession gets its start when Volney B. Palmer sets up shop in Philadelphia.
1844 : The first magazine ad runs
1867 : The earliest billboards and transit ads emerge as modes of transportation develop
1890 : Mailing post cards is the most recommended means of reaching consumers

1902 : "Mellin's Food" commissions a ballonist to build the first airship to carry their ads on 25 flights
1922 : Broadcast Radio figures out how to finance its existence by selling its first ad WEAF in NYC offers 10 minutes for $100
1941 : The first TV commercial for Bulova clocks reaches 4.000 TV sets
1994 : First incident of email spam : "Canter and Siegel" law firm posts an ad to several newsgroups to promote its immigration law practices
2000 : Ads start to invade mobile by offering sponsored news headline via SMS
2007 : Facebook launches social ads and YouTube launches video overlays

Advertising in Morocco
Prepared by :
Rajoum Meryem
Supervised by :
Table of contents
Importance of advertising
Evolution of advertising
Advertising in Morocco
Advertising agencies in Morocco
Some Moroccan Ads
Some people say, that advertising persuade people to buy things they don’t need and to be wasteful,
but advertising also means creating more jobs.
Regardless whether we like advertisements or not, advertising has become indispensable in our
economies. It has become a market of its own and it offers a high number of jobs. Moreover,
advertisements are an important source of information for the public.
And there is something that we should not forget: Advertising enables us to afford such “luxuries” like
TV and newspapers, because without it, they would be considerably more expensive.
Advertising is the communication relayed from companies to persuade an audience to purchase their products. This communication is usually through various forms of paid media -- TV and radio commercials, print ads, billboards...
Even in times of crisis, the Moroccan advertising market has no need to advertise to sell. The amounts injected by advertisers in 2009 totaled $ 562.1 million, registering an increase of 4.3% compared to 2008. Morocco is even champion in the Arab Maghreb. One sector that mark this improvement: telecommunications.
Telephony remains well in the lead advertisers ahead sectors such as food or banking and finance. Thereby Inwi, Maroc Telecom and Méditel remain the most important buyers in the media.

internet media is now underused in Morocco with only 1.7% of advertising spending in 2011.
Morocco has a hundred advertising agencies but only 5 are outside the lot !
1st Place : KLEM EURO RSCG

2e Place : Shem’s Publicité

3d Place : Saga Communication

4Th Place : Zone Bleue DDB

5Th Place : Mosaïk
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