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Presidents' Training 2014

Lead, Love, Live


on 7 August 2017

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Transcript of Presidents' Training 2014

lead, love, live
"people don't buy what you do

they buy why you do it."

user friendly
beautiful design
the golden circle
how is this relevant to my role as president?
sounds great, but how does this make me a better leader?
if you talk about what you believe...

you will attract those who believe what you believe
on this day 250,000 people turned up to hear Dr. Martin Luther King speak
how many people turned up for him?
they turned up for themselves
it's what they believed
"there are leaders

and there are those who lead"
I believe we can raise £1000 for charity!
I believe we can win this league!
we meet as a group
we run trips and events
wanna join?
Law Society
we believe in creating
extra opportunities for law students

we run trips and
we meet as a group
..wanna join?
this is human nature
neocortex = what
limbic brain = how & why
"it doesn't feel right"
gut decisions are usually right for us
so how do i lead and manage and delegate and take part ?
if Steve Jobs was president...
if Steve Jobs was president...
what would he do?
run like a start up
1 person in charge of socials
meet his team every week
aka committee meeting
to discuss what they are doing
work together as a team to achieve their goals
the team work at the top would filter down into the members
who would turn up to every session because they too believe in trying to improve together
1 person in charge of money
1 person in charge of media
trust other 'folks' to come through with their part
1 person in charge of performance
bring all parts together to form the club/society
when the committee meet
solve problems
form new ideas
have wonderful arguments
be run by ideas...not hierarchy
let the best idea win
be more jobs!
i still don't know what i'm doing!!!
Call and chair committee meetings
you don't have to invite people
Delegate tasks to committee members
and give them a deadline
Ensure health and safety of members-TAKE RESPONSIBILITY
you can't prevent every bruise
but you have a responsibility to reduce the risk of injury
Ensure the constitution is adhered to
both individual and SU/AU
Ensure your club/society is financially stable
make sure you are handing it over in the black
Enjoy yourself!
make the most of your year
make sure your club/society is being promoted
The Students' Union can help you to share your success with the wider student body
use dusted
use d:one
make videos
take pictures
paint a picture
health and safety
the Students’ Union has a duty to provide and maintain safe and healthy working conditions and equipment for all its students.

as a club/society of the Students’ Union you also have a duty to provide the same for your members.

duty of care requires you to consider the consequences of your actions and omissions and to ensure that these do not lead to injury to any other person.

you are not expected to guarantee safety, just act reasonably and responsibly.

risk assessments
the purpose of a risk assessment is to help determine what measures need to be taken in order to make sure an activity is done safely

Ensure all relevant risks or hazards are addressed
Ensure that all members of the group are considered
Identify people who might be particularly at risk

e.g. students with disabilities or inexperienced volunteers
a risk assessment must be done for every activity/event/trip
presidents' training
su website
Hold a giag
your Secretaries and Social Secretaries will be learning all the details
Every club/society needs to have their own personalised constitution, based on the Students’ Union’s.

Having a constitution allows each club/society to define

the make up (roles) of your committee
the aims and objectives of your club/society.
how much your membership fee is
how your committee is elected
Changing your constitution
can only be done through a majority vote at an EGM/AGM
must be in line with the Students' Union/AU/US Constitutions
What to do when things go wrong?
Some of these awards are based on your club/society development/action plans and for societies the awards and recognition (points system)
Some of last year's winner's included...
US Committee of the Year
AU Committee of the Year
Netball (Derby)
US Society of the Year
Anime & Manga
AU Club of the Year



Committee bonding and retraining
Hold your members to account
Seek support from the Students' Union
Use your constitution
Team Values
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