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Do Now - Thursday, January 16

No description

Amelia Merwin

on 10 January 2017

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Transcript of Do Now - Thursday, January 16

Feudalism - Sharing Expertise
Do Now - Wednesday, October 14, 2015
There will be a quiz on all
FOUR feudal roles next week!
Discussion Question 2
Would you be okay with being a knight in Feudal Europe?
Why or why not?

Support your opinion
using evidence.
Exit Ticket
In Medieval Europe, under the __________ System, there were _____ levels of Feudal society. A ______ would have been a ________ to a knight. He/she would farm all day would have have to provide _______ in exchange for land.

All levels of society believed that the ________ was chosen by _____ to rule over England. The ________ were the
vassals of the King. When there was a war, they would have to provide _________ to fight in the King's army.
Discussion Question 1
Agree or Disagree (your own opinion)
with this statement using evidence:
Overall, Feudalism helped people.
Today's Learning Objectives
1) SWBAT show their
by using details and textual
evidence to teach peers about their feudal role.

2) SWBAT complete their ENTIRE graphic organizer
using craftsmanship.
Today you will share your expertise
which your group. Predict how
this image represent an

"This image represents an
expert because...."

Justify your response with
1) Students will teach each other, one at a time.

2) Grid papers

should be completed.

3) Finished early? Continue to work on shields OR work on Vocabulary HW.

4) Group discussion.

Discussion Question 1
Agree or Disagree (your own opinion)
with this statement using evidence:
I agree because....
I disagree because....
I agree but I wonder if...
I disagree but I wonder if...
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