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The Framework for Xlandias' Government

No description

Jake Davis

on 25 September 2013

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Transcript of The Framework for Xlandias' Government

Task Force:
Dream Team
Comparison of the Features of Government- Recommendations and Justification

Legislative Power
We have chosen a bicameral legislator for Xlandia. We chose that because the need for separation of powers. It is a compromise between provinces with small and large populations.
Xlandia will have the legislative branch elected by popular vote.
Executive power
The President of Xlandia shall be elected through popular vote so that the citizens can have a say in their government
The President's job is to carry out and to enforce the laws
Citizen Participation
Multiple parties have a say in Xlandia's government
There will be elections for president every five years
The voting age starts at 18 and there will be voluntary voting
Written- It would be able to withstand the people who tried to alter it for personal gain.
Judicial Power
Xlandia judges will be appointed by the executive branch with legislative appoval
The Supreme Court will have judicial review and have independence so, all laws are constitutional
Federalist- Because it is imperative that the national government does not overpower local and state governments.
Presidental- So the people have a say in the leader or "figure head".

Protection of Rights- We recommend a Bill of Rights where the peoples rights are ensured with hard evidence.
Military Relationship- The citizens should have complete control over the military so it does not become an Oligarchy
Agricultural Elites
We have proposed to the agricultural elites that one of the two sections of the legislative branch will be devoted just to those who represent the agricultural elites and the chiefs. The other section of the legislative branch will be based solely on popular vote.
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