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To Santa; From Prezi Ambassadors 2013-2014

Merry Christmas!

Alessandra Sironi

on 25 April 2016

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Transcript of To Santa; From Prezi Ambassadors 2013-2014

Ambassadors 2013-2014
Write down your wishes &
explore other's!

Add your prezi fellow as an
editor & share it!

"All I want for Christmas is my
country Venezuela to be free from dictatorship."

Alessandra Sironi

I wish you health, wealth
and happiness :)

Kevin A.
I hope you will make your dreams come true!

I wish everyone could have a chance to shine :D !
I Pray for a job after graduation & for good health for me & my family
I wish people would think more about others than only about themselves.

Henrique Cecconi

I want a pony
I want to make the world a better place

David Timis
I wish to learn playing an instrument (preferably guitar or the drums)
-Annusha Salman
And to buy a drawing tablet and make more time for art projects!
I wish that everyone would try to make the world a better place, by helping others and making small gestures of politeness without expecting anything in return :)

Teo Toshkin
I wish we can bridge the gap between the poor and rich community. I want to see more people coming forward to address the issues of the society and to improve the conditions of the impoverished and the less fortunate. In simple words I want lots and lots of SMILES around me !
-Rakesh Gangwar
I wish kids stop suffering
from hunger in
unfortunate countries.

I wish prezi reaches a world
record of users.
I wish you will smile right now!
Alex Tomilin
Be brave enough to live the live you want!
Hope every moment brings you
millions of reasons to smile.
Merry Christmas
& Happy New Near! :)
I wish everyone
will be happy
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