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Lauren Hansen

on 29 April 2010

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Transcript of Psychology

LAWRENCE KOHLBERG Kohlberg explained the development of moral reasoning in terms of three levels. (Level 1)
Self Interst 2 stages
Stage 1--Moral decisions are based on fear of punishment or the need to be obidient.
Stage 2--moral reasoning is guided by satisfying self-interest, could involve making bargains.
Most children are at this level.
(Level 2)
Stage 3--Moral decisions are guided by conforming to the standards of others we value.
Stage 4-- Moral reasoning is determined by conforming to the laws of society.
Many adolescents and adults are at this level (Level 3)
Highest level of moral reasoning
Stage 5--Moral decisions are made after carefully thinking about all alternatives and striking a balance between human rights and law of society. Your best friend is dying of cancer. A druggist who have just discovered a new wonder drug that could save her life. The drug was expensive to make, but the druggist is selling it for ten times the cost of the radium. You have fundraisers trying to get the money for the drug, but yoou only get half the money. The druggist refused to sell the drug for less because he wanted to make money. You break into his labratory and steal the drug. Should you have done that? This the kind of dilemmas Kohlberg and associates used to explain the development of moral reasoning. I believe that Kohlberg's theory is valid and has alot of truth behind it, while it may not be proven, i think it should be accepted as truth. You can see evedince of his theory everyday in everyone and he explains almost every possible way of thinking about a desicion.
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