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Navigating New Member Education #Likeaboss

No description

Emily Perlow

on 21 January 2013

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Transcript of Navigating New Member Education #Likeaboss

Navigating NEW Member Education #Like a Boss ? What percent of students admit they know hazing is occurring? What percent of fraternity/sorority members are hazed? 67% agree that a significant part of initiation is humiliation Since 1970, there has been at least one hazing-related death on a college campus each year What percent of college students involved in clubs, teams and organizations experience hazing? More than 1 in 5 report that they witnessed hazing personally Out of every 10 students who have experienced college hazing, how many do not consider themselves to have been hazed? 36% of students say they would not report hazing primarily because "there's no one to tell" The Numbers Don't Lie Intervention
Barriers Why don’t we intervene? Social Influence Pluralistic Ignorance Fear of Embarrassment Fear of Retaliation Diffusion of Responsibility 1 2 3 4 5 What Should members Resources Bystander ByPRoduct History of organization
The members
What to expect at a chapter meeting
Important chapter functions

Fraternity is beneficial professionally
He will be involved as an alumnus
His values align with the organization

Get involved in and outside organization
Demonstrate good time management
Be balanced DO BELIEVE KNOW THINK ABOUT THIS •the ResponsE Ability DVD
•National NM program Guide
•Convention ROundtables
•Hazing Hotline: 1-888-NOT-HAZE
•Leadership Consultant
•University Staff Members
•Counseling Staff 1) Wipe slate clean

2) Identify outcomes

3) Identify outcomes based activities

4) Assess

5) Make changes tied to outcomes Designing a SuccessFUL New Member Experience Inequality = Imbalance CHANGE Establish a sense of urgency Create a Guiding Coalition Develop a CLear Vision Share the Vision Empower People to Clear Obstacles Institutionalize the change Use Small Wins to Create More Change Consolidate and Keep Moving Emily Perlow eperlow@wpi.edu Contact ME HiDDEN HARM SYNDROME SYMPTOM
DIsease What Direction
Will You
Take? Is it Hazing? Within group members exert power over organization aspirants

Power dynamic maintains control over these individuals

Exertion of power results in physical/emotional stress 40% 55% 9 out of 10 New Experience Outcomes KNOW?
Do? Kotter's Model 73% Member
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