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How has what you've discovered affected you in your everyday

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tehya leaney

on 5 March 2014

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Transcript of How has what you've discovered affected you in your everyday

Knowing what you are good at and knowing the areas in which you need improvement, what do you think are your next steps?
1. fix whatever mistakes i made for my future
2. keep myself motivated with work
3. find out what i want to do with my future
4. push my limits
5. go to a college or university
If you are not sure what your next steps are, or how to take that first step, what resources (local, personal, online) could you connect with to help you out? Maybe it is time to investigate your options!
I would go to y blueprint an search for options, or i would go to my guidance counselor to help me with decisions or my mother.
How has what you've discovered affected you in your everyday life - in class, at home, and in your personal relationships? Does knowing a little bit more about your strengths explain why you are meeting with success in some areas of your life and not so much so in others?
Knowing about my strengths doesn't effect my learning in class, at home or my personal relationships just gives me more faith in myself to keep doing whatever i am doing for success or any. It motivates me more to keep going, and knowing what my strengths are will help me meet my successes because i will keep going until the finish point in what ever i am doing.
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