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No description

Esraa Bayomi

on 2 June 2014

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Transcript of wedding

Do you think getting married is more important than the education for the women?
I chose this topic because the wedding is one of life's great moments and a time of good wishes. Everyone is waiting and dreaming for this moment .
should the couple do a luxurious wedding?
Research Question
Why does child marriage happen?
Survey Findings

I used google drive to create my survey because it is very simple and easy to use.
Twenty – five people responded to my survey .
Survey Findings
When the women should get marriage?
- Some families are poor so they agree to marry their daughters for any rich man when they are still young to get rid from their expense.

- It is a habit in some poor countries.

-Several parents marry their daughters young because they think it is best for them to be safe in areas where girls are assaulted physically and sexually.

I did my best to finish this project and I hope that my next project is better. I wish for every couple happy marriage and life.

18 - 25 years old 22 81%
26 - 31 years old 5 19%
32 - 36 years old 0 0%
Yes 5 19%
No 22 81%
Yes 13 50%
No 13 50%
Thank you
Reasons of Child marriage
Definition of child marriage
Is defined as getting married before reaching the age of 18.
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