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history project

No description

layla Alniami

on 26 October 2015

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Transcript of history project

Ask Aliyah
Dear Aliyah,
I really want a dog but my parents tell me no. I´ve been saving up for it all year and my parents don´t trust that i will take care of it. What should I do?
-Doggy problems
Dear Doggy problems,
Well I think you should wait a little before you get a dog,maybe wait untill your a little older.
Baghdad became the capitol of the Muslim Empire in A.D. There are so many things to see such as Islamic museums, the Baghdad zoo, visit historical Mosque, go see Dukan Lake. Also you can go zip line, sky diving, paintball, hot air balloon, camping, bungee jumping, boatin, etc.
Monday, February 17, 632
Vol XCIII, No. 311
Prophet Muhammad
Muhammad was born in the Holy city of Mecca in 570 A.D. He worked as a merchant and married a wealthy businesswomen named Khadijah. At age 40 he received a vision from the angel,Gabriel, telling him to preach that there is only one god, Allah. Muhammad was viewed as a threat to the people of Mecca, and his followers were persecuted. There are so many stories that were being told by people who witnessed Mohammad's leadership and influence on others, some have said "if it wasn't for him the Islamic faith would have never been founded." In 622, he fled to Medina, a city 200 miles north. This is called the Hijrah. After that he formed a comunnity called Ummah. In 630 Muhammad and 10,000 Muslims returned to Mecca and forced it to surrender, sadly he died in 632.
Planning a trip! Well come on down to Caitlin's Camel's where there is always a camel for you. Don't bother any other place because we have all different types of camels, tall, short, young, old, different shades of tan, etc. So what are you waiting for come on down to Caitlin's Camels!
"Conduct yourself in this world as if you are here to stay forever and yet prepare yourself for eternity as if you are to die tomorrow"
- Muhammad

Muhammad's Life
Dear Aliyah,
My parents are forcing me to marry someone,but I am only 13 and I don´t know him. Why should I be forced to marry someone for an alliance and to bigger our clan, it isn´t fair. What should I do?
-Forced Marriage
Dear Aliyah,
I really want to go on a pilgrimage but my Dad keeps telling me I'm to young. I'm so mad and disappointed but my dad keeps telling me that i just can' just because of my age ,what should I do?
- Disappointed pilgrimage
Dear Forced Marriage,
I think you should tell them how you feel about it.They will probably listen,remember they love you and wouldn't want to force you into something if they really no what is wrong.
Dear Disappointed pilgrimage,
I honestly think you should think about how your father is just looking out for you and protecting you. He also might want to prepare you so you are ready.
West Africa
There are many stories of West Africa, such as the stories of the rise of Ghana, I was even there to witness their accomplishments. At first Ghana was a trading post and grew into a great city. I remember the kings that would supervise and tax trades. I called Ghana the "middle man" because they were in the middle of every salt and gold trade. Although, the trading wasn't the only thing that made Ghana rise it was also the fact that they had a source of gold but, kept it a secret.
Camel rides
By: Layla Alniami and Caliyah Jefferson
4th period Mr. Thomas
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