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No description

Guy Ronen

on 7 March 2013

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Transcript of CV

0544-963677 Guy Ronen Tippers 2003-2006 Team leader and Software Developer
Connectra - VPN with no need for client installation
Team Leader (1.5 years) - Managed 5 software developers. Extensive involvement in full product/R&D delivery cycle. Personally lead and closed first product sales in Australia.
Software developer (1 year) - 1 out of 5 first key developers of a brand new product. Startup mode: Fast pace environment, cutting edge technologies, tight team work.

2002-2003 Software developer
Flood Gate 1 - Quality of Service over network traffic
Queuing Algorithmic, C, C++ Raised $1.2 million from private equity in 3 funding rounds
Made Tippers to be spread by pure viral distribution
Built a product that drives users to contribute large amounts of recommendations about products and services (defined KPIs, traced user psychology by usability and A/B testing, visual design, fan of "Lean Startup")
Recruited and managed a team of 13. Software developers are currently working for Google, Conduit, Soluto.
Managed all legal and financial operations of the company "Behind the Wires" - An education program for teens that examines the influence of technology on society

Founder and Manager of Content
Recruited 15 Checkpoint employees as volunteers
Lead the creation of 30 classes which are focused in building critical thinking skills. Classes environment encourage hands-on learning.
Taught and supervised the course
Program adopted by top Hitech companies. Current status - 300 students, 200 volunteers from Alvarion, Amdocs, Check Point, Orsus, Seabridge Networks, the Israel Securities Authority and more. 2008-2013 Born: 8.4.1977, Lives: Ramot Hashavim 1999-2002 BA in Computer Science and concentration in cognitive psychology
Graduated with honors 2002-2006 2004 -2007 Innovator
Strong management skills
Execution and quality excellence
Self and fast learner
Great interpersonal relationship
High intuition
Determined Defined positioning
Created marketing messages and product packaging (video, landing page, visual language, etc..)
Designed viral and social features
Closely traced analytic of usage funnels
Purchased and measured on line campaigns
Closed partnerships with content sites
Fan of "Crossing the Chasm" (Moore) Founder & CEO Made Tippers to gain
a pure viral distribution This is how I perceive myself Click the icon in the bottom right corner
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