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Liberty Needs Glasses

explaning the poem

Marc Hill

on 18 March 2011

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Transcript of Liberty Needs Glasses

Tupac Shakur and His Poem: Liberty Needs Glasses Tupac is an african american rapper and poet. He was a guy that did not like the police. In October 1991, Pac sued the Oakland Police Department because they supposedly beat Pac for jaywalking. It is not a fact but I believe this gave him some sort of insentive for writing the poem "Libert Needs Glasses". Before I preach to you all about this poem I just want to say it is a great poem and I chose this poem because it made a connection with the poem Refugee in America because they both explain liberty.
Excuse me but lady liberty needs glasses
And So Does Mrs. Justice By her side
Both the Broads R blind As Bats
Stumbling Thru the System
Justice Bumbed into Mutulu and
Trippin’ on Geronimo Pratt
But Stepped right over Oliver
And his crooked Partner Ronnie
Justice Stubbed her Big Toe on Mandela
And liberty was misquoted By the indians
Slavery was a learning Phase
Forgotten with out a verdict
while Justice is on a rampage
4 endangered Surveying Black males
I mean Really if anyone really valued life
and cared about the masses
They’d take em Both 2 Pen optical
and get 2 pair of Glasses The first 4 lines in this poem are an allusion to the Statue of Liberty and an allusion to the roman goddess Justice.Also the line where it says both broads r blind as bats, Pac means both aren't doin what they stand for or do what they hear and not as what they see.Plus they are walking through the system without seeing where there going. Lady Liberty Lady Justice The next 2 lines where it says "Justice bumbed into Mutulu and Trippin' on Geronimo Pratt" is talking about these two African American criminals who robbed places. So what Shakur is trying to get across is that Lady Liberty and Lady Justice did there job there but in the next 2 lines where it says "But stepped right over Oliver and his crooked partner Ronnie" to me that hints towards that where was Lady Liberty and Lady Justice then when they needed to protect angainst these criminals. Then the next line says "Justice Stubbed her Big Toe on Mandela". It means Justice was all over Nelson Mandela when he was sentenced to prison. The next 2 line where it says "And Liberty was misquoted By the indians. Slavery was a learning phase forgotten without a verdict while justice is on a rampage 4 endangered surveying black males." I believe that means when there was freedom throughout the land the Indians were not really free. Also when slavery was in America, it was all good for everybody except the African Americans. As soon as slavery was abolished there was no punishment for any of the cruelty that just happened and everybody had to act like nothing happened while Justice was still doing its "Job" toward black males. The last lines of the poem which are "I mean Really if anyone really valued life and cared about the masses They’d take em Both 2 Pen optical and get 2 pair of Glasses." are saying that if you care about people and there families you would make more of an effort to use Lady Liberty and Lady Justice what they stand for and not what others want them to stand for. 2PAC IS IN Z HOUS 2NITE Thank you
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