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Rocksoft City Hospital

No description

Chloe Umble

on 4 October 2012

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Transcript of Rocksoft City Hospital

Ryan B
Ankit A
Chloe U
David D
Rendall C
Rocksoft City Hospital Simulation Rocksoft is a non-profit city hospital who is interested in analyzing the hospital system and making recommended improvements, based on advice from us. Overview There are 4 departments in the hospital:
the ED
the Diagnostic Imaging department
The Diagnostics Lab
Surgery The Facility Things that do not fit
into basic models Project Viability Team Member Responsibilities Basic Model Resources Entities Questions ? There are 2 main types of patients:

Moderate - ED
Serious - ED
Critical - ED
Inpatient Diagnostic
Outpatient Diagnostic
Emergency Surgery
Scheduled Surgery Staff:
ED Doctors
ED Nurses Lab Tech
Imaging Tech Registration hello ryan.
we've been expecting you. Based on the amount of information given, it is likely that the project can be completed in a 2 - 3 week period Using data from different days of the week Using data from different times of the day Creating priorities for patient selection and treatment Project Management
Experiment Design
Model implementation
Research and Reporting Project tasks will be split equally. Patients:
- Arrival
- Hospital Size Vrs. Entity Count Staff
Rooms Procedures - check in
- procedures per department
- room arrival procedure
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