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Year 2 - Fractions in Real Life

No description

Tammy Taylor

on 3 October 2012

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Transcript of Year 2 - Fractions in Real Life

"But Mrs Taylor, why do we need to learn about fractions?" "Becasue we use fractions in our lives everyday...
lets have a look" Fractions! MONEY What if little Johnny, Peter and Todd want
to share a bowl of fries from the takeaway? HOW DO THEY WORK OUT THE BILL? If the fries were $3.00 and each boy ate one equal third (or 1/3) of the fries... One third (or 1/3) of $3.00 is $1.00.
The three boys pay $1.00 each, which equals $3.00 Easy peasy right? Lets move on... Food It's Jill's Birthday and she has 3 friends she'd like to share her birthday cake with. Where do fractions come into it? Jill has one (whole) cake. She needs to cut the cake into 4 equal slices for her and her three friends. The cake is cut into quarters (1/4), like this... each friend gets one quarter (1/4)
and four quarters makes a whole (cake) 1 1 1 1 What's next? TIME Jess wakes up at 7am in the morning
and goes to sleep at 7pm at night. In a day there are 24 hours. Jess sleeps for half (1/2) of them.
(12 hours asleep, 12 hours awake). Jess is awake for 12 hours. What does Jess do with her time? Jess spends 6 hours at school and 6 hours at home. Which means that Jess spends a quarter (1/4) of her whole day at school and a quarter (1/4) of her whole day at home. All together now...

In a whole day (24 hours), this is how Jess spends her time: Sleeps - 12 hours - Half (1/2) a day
home - 6 hours - Quarter (1/4) a day
School - 6 hours - quarter (1/4) a day
Total 24 hours 1 whole day Now you're getting it!
Fractions are everywhere! It's time for you to give it a go now. good luck! z z z z z z Google Images (2012c) Google images (2012d) Google images (2012a) Google images (2007) Google Images (2012f) Google Images (2012i) Google Images (2012g) Google Images (2012h) Google Images (2012j) Google Images (2005) Google Images (2010) Google Images (2012b) Google Images (2012e) Google Images (2011a) Google Images (2011b) Return to the website and complete the exercise.
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