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Selena V.

I Don't Know

selena vidal

on 25 January 2013

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Transcript of Selena V.

the magna carta House of Burgees The Mayflower Compact glorious revolution the First Continental congress was started September 5, 1774 til October 26, 1774. the colonist was mad about the taxes and acts. the acts were punishments that King George III made on the colonies. the magna carta was created in June 2015.
the latin word " the magna carta" means "a great character". King John was the one who came up with The Magna Carta. the king was facing down rebellion by the strong barons. The House of Burgess was created after the modeled after the english parliment. it was built in 1619. Governor George Yeardely came to virgina from England and said that theVirginia Company had voted to destroy the marital law and create a legislative assembly in the america colonies. The MayFlower Compact was signed in 1620 William Bradford quoted " this day, before we came to harbour, observing some well affected to unity and concord, but gave some appearance of faction it was thought good there should be an association and agreement, that we should combine together in one body, and submit such government and governorsas we should as common concent agree to make and choose, and set our hands to this that follows, word for word" the glorious revolution also had another name "revolution of 1688". it was started by James II and the accession of William III and Mary II. it was overthrown by King James II. The first continental congress Revolution war the revolution war was also called the american revolutionary war and the U.S War of Independence. people were getting mad at residents between Great Britains 13 North American colonies and the colonial government. second continental congress the second continental congress was started on May 10, 1775. 13 colonies were called to discuss their next steps. declaration of independence articles of confederation shays rebellion the Declaration of independence was started in 1776. it is the nations most popular symbol. it was started because americans wanted to become independent from great britains rule. the articles of confederation was started in 1777. the articles was written early during the american revolution.States could not agree on one guideline of law because South Carolina citizens felt they had little in common with Connecticut citizen the shays rebllion was started in 1786. Americans taxes taxed high after the Revolutionary war. daniel shay had his farm tooken away because he could not pay his taxes. 1200 farmers went to attack. after that the troops defeated the shays rebellion.
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