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Elevation Saturday

No description

Audry Welch

on 4 January 2018

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Transcript of Elevation Saturday

Elevation Half Marathon
Saturday Jan 13th 10:00am - 5:00PM
Excited to help out?
Step Up Crew
2 people per station + 1-2 to bring up rear
Travel to and Set Up Station (signs along the way)
Hand Out Challenge Card
Ensure each student completes the challenge and knows their next location
Wait until the last Staff/ Faculty member arrives
Tear down your Station
Bring and return materials to HQ
Join the Finish Line at a Res Hall

The Four Seasons
of a Minerva Semester
Starting Line
Ocean Beach

09:00 Travel to Ocean Beach
10:00 Bagels on the Beach
10:15 Welcome Rally + Class Picture
10:30 Start!
September Challenge
See if you can find the paper you authored during the welcome event.

Find someone whom you've never spoken with. Tell them your BIG QUESTION you had at the Welcome Event.
"It Gets Real"
Each legacy will be required to carry a mystery package over the next two legs of the race. If they are running, they will not need to carry the item. If they are walking they must share the load and work together to carry the mystery package to the Ferry Building

They will not be able to open this item until the Ferry Building.

Items will be HEAVY wrapped containers of fruit and snacks with a message.

Metaphor: carry with you what you need. Packing for the journey takes work.
Sink or Swim Challenge
Ice Plunge: submerge yourselves in the icy waters of the bay for 5 mins while holding on to at least 4 people.


Eat the spiciest pepper we found in SF! and support a peer with standing by with milk.

Metaphor relying on others for help. Not going through challenges alone. Sink or swim.
Surviving to Thriving
Ferry Building Challenge

Dear Ocean Activity from Blue's RA Group

Writing Reflection activity
Discarding what no longer serves you to welcome in the new semester afresh

Open Items You have been carrying
Coit Tour Detour
Students will pick a card. They will have a 1:10 chance of receiving a reward.1 out of 10 cards will have $10 gift certificate to Boba Guys or Food of some sort

If they do not get the prize, they can attempt to perfectly execute all steps of the Friendsgiving Flashmob and earn a secondary reward.
Hand Print Banner
Finish Line
A student "hacked"
half marathon
Sept "Welcome Event"
Oct "It Get's Real"
Nov "Sink or Swim"
Dec "Surviving to Thriving"
New Beginnings
November Challenge
October Challenge
Decisions Decisions
@Wave Organ
(By Crissy Field)

Inspired by
Student Design Team
Inspired by Gate Legacy
Inspired by
Blue's Rachapradit
RA Group
December Challenge
Inspired by Student Design Team
Finish Line
One station per Res Hall

-Hang balloons, set up camera
-Organize Banner , and paint
-Instruct students to hand prints
-Congratulate students!
Fire @ Baker Beach
Burning Man Inspired
From SXP
@Golden Gate Bridge
Visitor Center

Inspired by
Student Design Team
Hand Print Banner Finish Line
Inspired by Student Design Team
Finish Line
HOLI: Known widely as the Festival of Color, it takes place over two days, and is a celebration of color, love, triumph of good over evil. People take part in Holi all around the world, but it is celebrated the most in parts of India and Nepal.
Part 1: Throw Color @ Students like Color RUn

Part 2: Hand print on Banner Paper X2 (Hang in Res Hall After)
Starting Line Materials
@ Starting Line:
Breakfast Food, Coffee,
Charged Speakers, Bull Horn, Face Paint,
Map & Instructions
Starting Line/ Banner
Fire Making Materials
Banners Balloons Celebrationy Things

Baker Beach Materials
September Welcome Challenge
Fire Making Materials
Welcome Event Questions
Cards with Prompt for Challenge

Golden Gate Materials
October "It Gets Real"
200 Packages of Wrapped Produce + 1 bottle of soylent, with an envelope "Do Not Open" Until Ferry Building
Card with Prompt for Challenge

Wave Organ Materials
November "Sink or Swim" Challenge
200 of the hottest peppers in the SF farmers market
200 small cups + milk
Card with Prompt for Challenge

Coit Tower Materials
Decisions Decisions Challenge
10 cards to choose from (1 with YOU WIN)
25 Rewards (Gift Certificates or Food)
Video of Flashmob Moves
Card with Prompt for Challenge

Ferry Building Materials
December "Surviving to Thriving" Challenge
Letters to the Ocean Prompt
Prompt to open packages
Pens or Pencils

Finish Line Materials X2
@Res Halls X2
Banner Paper
Finger Paint
Water/ Welcome Back Signs
Celebration Things

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