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Presentation on Anime, for Japan unit Note: I will probably be updating this one in order to make it cleaner and add more recent information on trends in anime

Lori Ingham

on 20 November 2017

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Transcript of Anime

Began at the start of the 20th Century
Early animation in Japan had trouble competing with foreign animation studios such as Disney.
During World War II, nationalism was
enforced by the Japanese government
Animators were urged to produce films that would enforce Japanese spirit and national affiliation.
1948 -- Toei Animation was founded,
produced the first color anime feature
"Tale of the White Serpent."
1960s -- first anime televised in the U.S.: "Speed Racer."
1970s -- television competition shrunk the film market
Shrinking market allowed for more experimentation in television
Earliest success: "Tomorrow's Joe"
Beginning of the mecha (giant robot) genre
1980s -- Golden age of Anime
Space Operas would become a dominant genre, mecha shows would remain popular
"Naussica of the Valley of the Wind" would
be the start of Hayao Miyazaki's popularity
and Studio Ghibli
Otaku culture begins to develop.
Original Video Animation (OVA) were introduced
1989 -- Release of "Akira"
1995 -- "Neon Genesis Evangelion"
Super Robot genre is revived
"Pokemon" introduced
Other popular shows
Dragonball Z
Sailor Moon
Late night anime trend -- anime aimed at adults
Many animes adapted from light novels and mangas
Otaku subculture is a topic of shows
Revival of bigger budgeted anime films
Influence of Anime on Western Productions
"Transformers" -- Inspired by Mecha Anime
Cartoons with roots in anime:
Teen Titans
Spiderman Unlimited
Powerpuff Girls
"Avatar: The Last Airbender" influenced
by Miyazaki's work as well as Samurai
Champloo and FLCL (Fooley Cooley)
Trends in Anime
Magical Girls
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