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The Web cut out on me: taking the end user’s point of view in proposing a digital experience.

Presentation held during the Social Business Forum 2012 (#sbf12) of how Amadori has shaped its digital assets by considering a holistic consumer journey on the web.

marco magnaghi

on 16 January 2013

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Transcript of The Web cut out on me: taking the end user’s point of view in proposing a digital experience.

The Web cut out on me:
taking the end user’s point of view in proposing a digital experience Interact Play Join Browse THE GROWTH OF A PASSION:
from a family company to a large food integrated enterprise 1960s 1950s 1970s 1980s 1990s 2000 2005 Today Amadori reaches more than 6.500 employees. 1100 Milion €. 1930s and 40s The beginning: family owned company selling poultry and farmyard animals History The digital roadmap is a holistic approach established within Amadori to help the company to obtain its objectives. Marketing Strategy R&D Strategy HR Strategy Final consumer People involved in New Product Development Employees Engagement Collaboration Empowerment Digital Marketing NPD shared model Internal online dialogue Target Objective Approach Digital Roadmap Focus on Digital Marketing.
Enabling Marketing strategy's aim: to get closer to the final consumer New brand architecture and product innovation New tv format Renewed Brand Values Digital Customer Experience Key Learnings Why are we doing this?
How are we doing this?
Are we talking to one another?
What did we learn?
How did we contribute to the final aim? Sentiment Analysis:
Listen, Discover, Act Amadori’s success is based on our
integrated supply chain
(from breeders to retail) Feed factories Processing Breeders Incubators Farms Retail Reach Engagement Reputation Transaction Paid Owned Earned Objectives Processes and tools People Hypothesis Measure Correct Digital Marketing in Amadori is a structured approach starting with clear objectives, processes, tools, measures. A pervasive shared approach is the key element keeping it all together. Monitor a dedicated cross functional task force Monitor and measure Thank You! … … Business processes Enterprise Sustainable Efficiency Digitization … … … CORPORATE STRATEGY … Corporate website - Amadori.it Interactive websitcom - Amadorabiliricette.it Interactive game - Dov'è Francesco Amadori Social Casting - Evviva vado in TV gianluca.giovannetti@amadori.it
marco.magnaghi@amadori.it (tw: @marcomagnaghi) The Digital Roadmap is enabled by collaborative technologies implemented by TECLA.IT Through a workflow and Web Content Mgmt by IBM every functions updates contents independently. Implemented by TECLA.IT An interactive websitcom: 8 episodes that engaged users. Longer sharing, up/downloading, etc, more points you earn and instantly win. Integrated supply chain is "gamified": people access contents in an entertaining way. Through "crowdsourcing" people accessed to one of the most critical and impacting process: making of TV ADV. Distinctiveness
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