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Learning Targets for the Nonfiction/Argument Essay

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Carie Martin

on 6 October 2014

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Transcript of Learning Targets for the Nonfiction/Argument Essay

Learning Targets for the Nonfiction/Argument Essay Unit
Learning Target:
I can independently analyze one of my research club articles using the strategies that I learned in class.

Learning Target: I can write a thesis/claim for my essay.
Learning Target: I can determine three main points that back my thesis.
Why is Writing an Argumentative EssayImportant?
When you are reading magazines, newspapers, and other informational texts outside of school and later in life, it will be up to YOU and only you to analyze what you are reading

It will help sharpen your reading skills before you begin to gather additional research about your assigned topic on your own for your argument essay

You will be able to show off the skills you learned so far in this unit!
How will I meet this target?
Go over "The Thesis Sentence" explanation and example in your Reading/Writing packet

Review our notes to find the side we feel most strongly about

Write our thesis/claim

Have at least two people in your research club check it over
Why is this important?
Most papers you write in high school and college will require you to have a thesis statement!

This will be the sentence that will guide your argument essay!
How Will I Meet This Target?
Look at the thesis statement

Review your research notes, and find at least three main points you can make that will back your thesis

Try to find at least three pieces of evidence for each main point
Learning Target: I can write arguments to support claims with clear reasons and relevant evidence.
Today's Goals
Finish finding three supporting details (with specific quotes and citations) for each main point!
Learning Target: I can use mentor texts to analyze the structure of argument essays.
Why is this important?
We will begin putting our outline into paragraph format, so we need to know our outline will turn into an essay!

Right now we have just been focusing on the body paragraphs, so we need to see what other parts make up an essay
Answer the following questions?
How is this text structured?
What goes in the introduction, body paragraphs, and conclusion?
How are the arguments presented?
How is the evidence presented?
Learning Target: I can tell the difference between quoting and paraphrasing evidence.
Why is this important?
For this paper, you will need to be able to correctly cite the supporting details to your main points.

You need to know the difference between quoting a source and paraphrasing it in order to prevent plagiarism.

When you are presenting information in the real world, you will need to accurately back up what you are saying in order to get the audience to believe you!
How will I get there?
Learning Target: I can take the information from my outline and transfer it into a cohesive body paragraph.
Why is this important?
Your ideas are now organized on paper, but your argument won't be ccompletely clear until you put your ideas in paragraph format and show how they connect together.

Presentation matters! You don't want to have to make your audience work to figure out what you are trying to say. In life, it's not enough to have ideas jotted down on paper; you need to put them together in order to get your message across to the audience.
How will I meet this target?
Determine which components make up a body paragraph and which order they go in the paragraph

Identify the body paragraph's components

Apply what you learned to your own argument essay
Learning Target: I can read an article while keeping a point of view in mind that is different from my own.
Why is this important?
Next week we will be writing our rebuttal paragraph for our essay, which will require you to look at the point of view different from yours

In life, you will encounter people who have different opinions than you do!
How will I get there?
Take on a role
Read an article while keeping that role in mind
Discuss article with people who have different roles than you do
Learning Target: I can write a rebuttal paragraph for my argument essay that acknowledges the other point of view but still states why my point of view is the stronger one.
Why is this important?
How will I get there?
Your argument will be stronger if you acknowledge what the other side believes

It shows the audience that you considered the other point of view
Go over rebuttal

Practice taking the other point of view on an assigned topic with your group members

Apply what you learned with your own essay
See examples of paraphrasing and citation support
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