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The Ujima Project

School wide student lead problem solving plan

Juliette Jacobs

on 10 October 2012

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Transcript of The Ujima Project

The Ujima Project Students Identify concerns within their school
Jama and choose one to address. Step Moja Enduring Understandings Essential Questions Step Mbilli Students identify how the can use the Nguzo Saba to address their concerns and impact change for their academic success. The Nguzo Saba is a tool to use in everyday life.
Community members have control of their community.
A good community member is actively involved with the functions of their community. Enduring Understandings People live in interdependent communities.
It is the people within those communities that care for it.
Everyone in a community is responsible for that community. What is a community?
How does a community function?
Who takes care of a community?
How do communities address concerns? A school wide learning initiative to empower wanafuzi to solve their own problems! It what ways does the Nguzo Saba affect our everyday life?
What does it mean to be a community member?
Who hold the power in a community? Essential Questions Wanafuzi develop a plan to address their concerns Step Tatu Their are documented effective ways to address concerns within a community.
Awareness, education and action are the goals of an effective movement.
There are many lesson lesson that can be learned for historical movements. Enduring Understandings What are some ways people have enacted change?
What are some movements of the past?
What was accomplished by these movements?
What were the strategies of these movements? Essential questions Students use Ujima Step N'ne Community service is vital to a community!
Communities reflect the ideas and commitment of its members
Active community members feel pride about the work they do for their communities.
All communities are connected
one comunity members affect communities.
Community affect other communities. Enduring Understandings Who pays for the work community members do?
What does image portray about a person or a place?
Who control the images of a person or place?
How can people and place effect what is portrayed about them?
How can feelings affect a community?
How does one affect others? Essential questions Brainstorm list
create survey about knowledge and feelings of subject Language Arts Math Social Studies organize townhall meetings with other classes Expanding Community Step Tano Our Shule community is reflection of a larger community
They have power to affect change on a larger scale Enduring Understandings
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