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Hershey's Company Prezi

The Hershey Company Presentation Juliet Bauer Marshfield Middle School

Juliet Bauer

on 20 December 2013

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Transcript of Hershey's Company Prezi

Hershey Company (HSY)
Hershey Company
100 Crystal A Drive
Hershey, PA 17033
The first Hershey candy bar was enjoyed in 1900.
Hershey Facts & Figures
Hershey Company Prezi
Juliet Bauer
3rd Hour CQ
Business Careers
Marshfield MS
Analyst Opinions according to Yahoo.com

4 Recommend HSY a Strong Buy
2 Recommend HSY a Buy
10 Recommend Holding HSY Stock
Zero considers HSY an under-performing
Zero Recommends Selling HSY Stock

Milton Hershey's first chocolate was called Crystal A Caramels
Hershey's first factory is built in 1903
Total Revenues reached $6.644 Billion in 2012.
Total Revenues reached $6.08 Billion in 2011.
Total Revenues reached $5.671 Billion in 2010.
Net income was 660.931 Million in 2012.
Net income was 628.962 Million in 2011.
Net income was 509.799 Million in 2010
One Year Chart taken from Yahoo.com website
Some investment Facts for Investors
Price of HSY on December 12, 2013 was $94.96
Price of HSY on December 12, 2012 was $73.40
HSY Paid One Dividend in 2013 of $0.485, $0.485, $0.42, $0.42
Hershey Pleasure is just one example of Hershey's many products. See for yourself.
My opinion of HSY
I believe that my company is a good investment. It was developed in the early 1900s and has only prospered since then. Hershey's is a strong company because its stock has increased over $20 in the past year. Hershey's produces a variety of products that can appeal to almost everyone.
Competition for HSY
Opinions of HSY
OSK Facts and Figures #2

Hershey's has 12,100 workers working and has its products distributed all over the country.
HSY was started by a man named Milton Hershey in 1873. It went public in 1927.
Thank you for viewing my Hershey's Presentation!

Here is a Hershey Kiss as a thank you!

Some investment Facts for Investors
Price of HSY on December 12, 2013 was $94.96
Price of HSY on December 12, 2012 was $73.40
HSY Paid One Dividend in 2013 of $0.485, $0.485, $0.42, $0.42
Hershey's Stock Prices
Investing Information
Hershey Video
Full transcript