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Grace Unger

No description

maryann carroll

on 5 June 2015

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Transcript of Grace Unger

What do camels eat?
When they travel across the desert, they can have a hard time finding food. Camels may have to feed off of dried leaves, seeds, and any plants they can find. They can eat a thorny twig without hurting its mouth
Where do camels live?
Why do camels have humps?
Finally, Another camel the Bactrian lives on plains and deserts of Central Asia
Also, One camel names Arabian lives mostly in deserts on North Africa and Arabian Peninsula
Most camels live in Asia, Africa and Australia. They can travel a long distance across hot and dry deserts with not a lot of food or water. They walk on soft sand, where some trucks would get stuck.
They need humps because fat is located in a hump, and the camels body can lose heat more rapidly, as well. When the fat is reserved its called upon, the camels hump, and then shrinks and sags.
Also, the humps hold fat that can give energy to the animal when the food is limited
Finally, strong tissue holds pads of fat in one making a lump above the backbone. The hump is a healthy, good fed camel that can weigh 80 pounds or more.
Why do camels have humps?
Grace Unger
Camels can gain sufficient water from the desert vegetation, but salty, they survive without water. They can tolerate water loss to 25% of their weight and excrete concentrated urine
Also,camels get a certain amount of water from the green plants they eat from
Camel eating grass

Hope You Enjoyed it!!
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