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Joel Barriga, keith bazzle

sixth Brahmins

on 24 April 2010

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Transcript of Brahmins

Backround Information On Brahmins 4 Major Varnas (Indian Classes) Brahmins (religous scholars)
Kshatriyas (lawmakers & warriors) Vaishyas (merchants) Shudras (laborers) How Do I become a Brahmin
However a Person can become a Brahmin only by
being Born Into a Brahmin Family Duties and Practices Teaching Vedas Perform Sacred rituals
(Holy) Other Jobs Farmers Teachers Lawyers Cooks Fun Facts
1. The Indian classes are also known as the caste System 2. Even though Vedas only lasted 1,000 years the Brahmins memorized them 3. Brahmin is the name for the ultimate, unchanging reality Thanks For Watching
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