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Teenage Life

By: Yenastahawise Brooks

hawi brooks

on 11 April 2011

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Transcript of Teenage Life

Teenage Life Clothing Music Hair Styles Famous people Television Shows -Parachute *Pants -High Tops -Moon Boots -Keds -Pointy toe *Shoes -Inside Out Sweatshirts -Beaters -Laced Shirts *Tops *Extras -Neon -Bangles -Legwarmers -Floral Design *Pants -Hole Jeans -Baggy -Skinny Jeans -Khaki -Corduroy *Shoes -Jordans -Boots -Baby Phat *Tops -V neck -Graphic -Jerseys *Extras -Crazy Socks -Bright Sunglasses -Cool Hats -Snuggies *Rap -Will Smith *Pop -Michael Jackson *R&B *Heavy Metal -Van Halen -Bonjovi -Cinderella -AC/DC -Guns and Roses *Rap -Lil Wayne -Drake -T.I. -Nicki Minaj -Justin Bieber *Hip-Hop *Rock -Alesana -Eminem -Prince -Stevie Wonder -Lionel Richie -Temptations -LL Cool J -MC Hammer -Run DMC -Beastie boys -Whitney Houston -Cyndi Lauper -Madonna -Asking Alexandria -A Day To Remember -Beyonce -Lady Gaga *Pop -Paramore -Flyleaf -3OH!3 -Ke$ha -Miley Cyrus -Rihanna -Jay-Z Old life New life Old life New life Old life New life -You Can't Do
That On Television *Metal -Metalica -Chidos -Jersey Shore -Buried Life -Rob Dyrdek's
Fantasy Factory *Mtv *Nickelodeon -Inspector gadget -Adventures of the
Little Koala Old Life New Life -Heath Ledger -Katt Williams *Actors *Actors -Eddie murphy -Tom Hanks -Chuck Norris -Zac Efron -Coach -Channing Tatum New Life Old Life -sports shorts -Bell bottoms -Curly -Straight *Guys *Ladies -Poofs -Straight across bangs -Katy perry *Ladies -Nicole L. Brooks -Perms -Head bands -Jheri curl -Fades -Banana Clips *Guys -Michael Jackson the end. resources.. Nicole Brooks
Forrest Brooks
Kasey Caelwaerts -Bullet for my valentine
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