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Why I Should Get An iPhone

No description

Laura Hanson

on 4 August 2014

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Transcript of Why I Should Get An iPhone

iphone 5c above
iPhone 5c Features/Details
Features Continued...
Costs and Thangs
This Shows like half of the do not disturb screen
Make calls using Siri, reply to a call with a text message, activate Do Not Disturb, and more. Mom, you said you were concerned that I wouldn't get as much sleep texting on my phone. Well, during the night I can block any calls or texts, so that already one of the limits that I've recognized.
Note: Flip phones, slide phones, and old ones do NOT have this on them.

If I really in an emergency (unlikely but still very possible) and I have a flip phone it will take so much more time to contact you. Turning it on, and calling your numbers will take time because of the old-fashioned and out-dated keypad and style of the phone. It will seriously take forever to text if I am to ask something. You have to press the button several times so it goes to the right letter. FLip Phones are confusing!!!!
Why Flip phones Are Practically Useless
Why I Should Get An iPhone
a flip phone)
Some of this is kind of boring, but it's also persuasive

First of all, I get straight A's, stay out of trouble, and do chores when you ask me too. Phones can instruct people how to be independent, mature, and gain responsibilities.
You may want me to use a friend's phone to call you if I have questions, but I am not always going to be with a friend.
I would feel more comfortable if I could have a way to contact you without relying on someone else.
Mom wants me to start babysitting more, but a phone is helpful when doing so. If I need to contact you (emergency, questions, etc.) I can just call you.
You might say that I could just use their home phone, but some families do not own them. Or, if dad is doing yardwork and mom is walking, chances are you'll likely not have a cell phone handy. I don't have many numbers memorized, but with a cell phone I can call an adult to ask in my contacts.
If you think that I will ALWAYS be on my phone, you can trust me when I say that I won't. Anyway, when school starts, homework, volleyball, and soccer will practically leave me with almost no free time. Don't get me wrong, I'll be on my phone just enough so it does not make it a waste of money to buy one, but not too much. If I don't have a cell phone and need to reach an adult in an emergency, it creates a safety issue. I'd need to contact someone if I'm stranded or in a potentially dangerous situation.
Why I Even Need a Phone
Why I Should Not Get a Flip Phone
Flip phones do not have cases which makes them just that much more breakable.
The iPhone 5c has various choices of durable cases. I won't take my case off my phone which decreases the probibility of cracking the phone to almost zero.
I'd get a strong, reliable case, making it harder to break.
Some of them don't even have a camera which means you can practically do nothing on it.
Flip phones also do NOT have a passcode. Anyone at anytime could turn on your phone, mess it up, or hack into it, etc. There is no privacy of your personal phone to the public. BUT the iPhone 5c does.
The old-fashioned phones are much slower than touch phones and make it harder to contact people.
4-inch Retina display
A6 chip
8MP iSight camera
1080p HD video recording
FaceTime HD camera
Ultrafast LTE wireless
Learn more
Over 900,000 apps on the App Store
iOS 7 — The world's most advanced mobile OS
iCloud — Your content on all your devices
The powerful A6 chip provides fast performance and graphics. Yet it’s incredibly energy efficient, so you still get great battery life of ten hours.
Fast download and upload speeds because of Ultrafast LTE wireless which will be a necessity during an emergency.
Cleaner, simpler icons which leads the iPhone to be the world's most advanced mobile.
With the calender on the phone I can check to see who's picking me up after school, what time soccer practice is, etc. Checking my calender gives me one more option rather than calling or texting you to see my plans, which will be slower than just looking at the app. You can NOT do this on an old phone (like a flip or slide).
The battery life is great! Up to ten hours before you will have to recharge your iphone. It lasts much longer than any other smartphone/flip or slide. With a long battery life you can save more money than with an Android.
Again, I'd use my iPhone much more than the flip or slide, but not too much if that makes sense. I would be accepting of any limits or rules with my iPhone. Anyway, you can't even get any apps on the flip phone that I'd ever use. A minor reason I want a phone is because of the apps/games. You might think that I could just use my kindle or laptop for that entertainment, but the kindle generation that I have doesn't have a wide variety of choices and neither does my laptop. I would use my phone for educational purposes also (you can't use your flip phone for educational purposes because of old technology) like checking homework assignments, duedates, reading books, khan academy, and use some educational apps that you can learn from. With the iPhone 5c, you can set reminders for yourself. For example, if I set a reminder for who would pick me up after school and it would go off and remind me on my phone. It's convinient and saves everyone time when I would have to call you and ask. When Addie and I walked home after school we had to call her mom several times to ask if we were walking home. And when the reminder goes off on my phone it will save time because otherwise I'd probably we calling like at least one day a week.
Out of all of the iphone 5c carriers, Verizon is the cheapest so I would suggest getting my 5c from there.

There are three price options for the iPhone 5c 16 gig.:
1.) 2 Year Agreement: $99.99-Price due at checkout-Upgrade after 2 years-2 year agreement required-Activation fees apply

2.) $27.49/mo:Upgrade faster-After 30 days with at least 60% of your phone's pricepaid off, you're eligible to upgrade-$10-$25 monthly discount depending on data plan-Full device cost split into 20 monthly payments

3.) $599.99

Comparing Phone Models
I know that dad only thinks I need a phone to contact an adult in an emergency, so a flip phone would fulfill the task. The better flip phones are more expensive, up to around $50.00 or more. The cheaper and worse ones are much slower and old. If you get me a flip phone I think it would be a complete waste of money because I can pay for the extra $15.00 myself for the iphone 5c ($60.00 per month with Verizon, which is the cheapest carrier). Many flip phones are around $45.00 monthly, and as you can see, would equal out to be the price of the best touch phone on the market that you would have to pay.
If you made me get a flip phone, I would hardly use it because you can't do anything on them, for instance like download apps. That may be what you want, but who would buy something expensive for a device they wouldn't use?
An iPhone 5c is the best option because I would use it more and it would be the same price monthly for you.
Samsung Galaxy comparison
Pros of Getting a Phone for Safety Reasons
When I have a cellphone with me, you'll have instant access to me and my phone at all times. As your I gain independence, you might allow me to go to a friend's house after school or participate in extracurricular activities. Even though I'm becoming more responsible, you still need to know where I am. With one call or text to my cellphone, you find out if I'm safe and where I said I would be. I can also reach you if I am at school or another location where there aren't public phones available. When I need a ride or need to let you know where I am, the cellphone becomes a convenient accessory.
-located from

Price Continued and Explanation
Why the iPhone 5c?
Why I Need a Phone With Data/Internet
(Like the iPhone 5c)
Use Cell Phones For Research Purposes:
Most schools have computer labs where student go to make research online, however, it can be inconveniencing for students, because in most cases the computers in the lab are never enough and the competition for computers is always high. It can also be expensive to provide a computer to each and every student at school, so the best option is to use cell phones as research tools. iPhones can access internet, so teachers can group students and assign them research work, if students work as a group, they will stay on track. If I need to stay after school to work on a project with a group, phones with internet can come in handy for those reasons. Many cell phones allow access to the Internet, which can help a child obtain answers to questions very quickly and easily. This can help with studies as well as other simple daily questions like daily weather or finding directions to go someplace new.
Retrieved from http://www.useoftechnology.com/cell-phones-school/ and http://www.partselect.com/JustForFun/Pros-And-Cons-Of-Cell-Phones.aspx
Navigational purposes so I will not get lost or GPS/Siri and compass; iMaps: navigation app built for iPhone model 5 and up
Unlimited talk and text, so I won't increase the phone bill. Most flip phones have limited minutes which makes it likely to go over budget and same with the Tracfone
Tracking devices locating where the phone is so you can also locate me and know that I'm safe
There is what everyone wants in a smartphone: excellent battery life, ultrafast LTE wireless, 8MP iSight camera, and a wide variety of apps
16gb vs. 32gb on an iPhone?
Personally, I think a 32gb would be a better option because I would have more space on my phone that would ensure I wouldn't go overprice even if it is an additional $100.00 than 16gb. I'll keep a lot of pictures/videos on my phone that will create lifelong memories. With the two year contract I'll pay the extra $100.00, and the monthly fee would remain the same. The extra space's cost wouldn't affect you really, I'd pay for the entire phone IF I get the two year contract. On my phone, I would also have a moderate size amount of apps (which take up plenty of space). But with the 16gb you actually only get 13.5gb due to the already preinstalled apps.
If I have a flip phone, I won't be able to remember any memories because of lack of space or no camera at all (very likely).
I think getting the two year agreement is the best deal because a strong, durable case will minimize the chances of breaking or damaging my phone. An iPhone can last 3-4 years usually, so getting the two-year agreement would be a great deal. The monthly fee with Verizon is $60/month and I can pay $15.00 of the cost so you'd have to pay $45.00. With the two year agreement, I can pay the full price of $99.99, and even afford the extra $100.00 if you'll let me get 32gb. You won't have to pay a cent for the phone (besides monthly) with the two year agreement. If I get the phone without a contract, then I can pay half of the $599.99 cost.
The Samsung Galaxy phones are the best Android phones, but not the best phones on the market. By just about every major measure you'll care about, from speed to design to ease of use to the quality of its apps, Samsung's phone ranks behind the iphone, sometimes far behind. The Samsung Galaxy has a few advantages though; the phones are waterproof and have slightly longer battery life. These advatges are very slight though and wouldn't really make a difference. The main highlight of these phones are the large screens, and I don't even want a screen that big (the s5 is 5.1").
tons of space for storing apps, pictures, videos, music, etc.
very crisp, and sharp display of text, pictures, and videos
very high resolution screen
fast data transfer
fairly fast WiFi support
works with many types of headphones
powerful processers, very snappy and responsive
capture extremely high resolution images
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Thanks For Watching My Presentation!
Please Seriously Consider the iPhone 5c
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