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Creative Cali

No description

Brayden Sammons

on 6 December 2015

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Transcript of Creative Cali

Solutions International, LLC

Implementation of New Services
Special occasion event planning
Marketing Strategies
Increase customer base and target customers by using:
Word-of-mouth publicity
Vivid billboards
Creative Cali website
Radio Commercials
Newspaper ads
Community function information tent
Social media
Business SWOT Analysis
Business Timeline
An Anaheim Experience
Make a business deal with the Honda Center, a local sports arena
Acquire a discount price due to clientele recommendation of box use
Offer the boxes for a discounted price to our customers
Catering options
Parking passes
Hire an additional part-time employee
Solutions International, LLC
Problematic Divisions Needing our Solutions
Grow business by adding additional services
Keep current customer base
Increase business clientele
Increase number of venues
Add an additional business net profit of at least $9,600
Generate new sales and revenue
Establish business relations with local attractions

Provide a lower overall cost to consumer
Use word-of-mouth publicity from current customer base
Net Income
Number of services
Venue options
Organization Skills
Dedicated and experienced staff
Strong management
Willingness to expand
Positive reviews
Past financial success
Loyal customer base
Limited venue selections
Limited Human Resources
Services provided can be costly
Basic marketing strategies
Service provided year round
Addition of services
Satisfy multiple target markets
Improvement of public image
Advanced advertisement
Organize meeting with the Honda Center regarding discounts on box pricing and business relations
Begin booking and reserving events at the Honda Center
SI Printing Services
Terminates the word "kid" due to new event services
More adult friendly as the target market increases
This makes quality experiences available to adults
SI Photography
Word "creative" is maintained to keep the company recognizable by current customers
Current customer base will still schedule parties
SI Solutions
"Cali" is a nickname given to California where the the company is located
Give locals a sense of connection
Expansion opportunities in California
Franchise opportunities in other states looking for a West Coast feel
Staff Members
Kyle Mangas
Brayden Sammons
Hunter Haines
Get a low priced venue
Save them cost of catering
Companies with similar services
Downturn in economy
Reliance on requested companies
Waiting for the new sports season to implement the plan
Hire an additional part time employee
Send fliers to current customer base regarding name change and new services available
Establish relationship with Honda Center
Additional Expansion Options
Angel Stadium of Anaheim
Disney California Adventure
Anaheim Convention Center
Anaheim Ice
Anaheim GardenWalk
Santa Ana Zoo
Offered at the Honda Center
Ice Hockey
Amateur Basketball
UFC Fights
Calculation Breakdown
Honda Center Directly
Creative Cali
Box/Suite Tickets
Non optional foodcatering with set price
Parking passes
Box/ Suite Tickets
Completely customizable food options
Friendly catered service
Event T-Shirts
Parking passes
Box Price: $2,100
Employee: $150
T-Shirts: $80

Expense Total: $2,330
Per Event
Base Price: $2600
Per Event
Creative Cali
Does not generate any sales from food
Each event sale is where the revenue is generated

Projected Annual Net Profit
Per Event
Revenue: $2,600
Expenses: $2,330
Revenue - Expenses = Net Profit
Net Profit: $270
*x 58
Revenue: $150,800
Expenses: $135,140
Net Profit: $15,660
Net Profit
for New Service: $9,600
Net Profit Projection: $15,660
*58 is the number of events projected to schedule per year within the Honda Center
Atmosphere Services:
Corporate Events
Bar Mitzvahs
Lighting and Decor
Light Entertainment
Photo Booth
Adult Parties
Children's Parties
Other Competitors:
James Event Productions
Amber Event Production
The Pure Imagination Party Company
Main Competitor: Atmosphere Events
Atmosphere Events does not compete with Creative Cali's new service
Atmosphere competes solely with Creative Cali's children's parties
We chose to expand into something unique because the
Anaheim market cannot sustain an additional event planner for events such as parties, weddings, and corporate events.
Solution: Establish business connection with the Honda Center
Make new name recognizable
Increase profit for Creative Cali by over $15,000
Keep current customer base
Increase clientele
Increase sales
Due to factors regarding the product mix, we believe that we do not need a partner because...
The business relation with the Honda center would be easy to implement
Our idea does not require large amounts of capital to expand
It is cheaper to hire an additional employee than sharing the profits
Give out coupons to lure in new clients
Improve customer satisfaction to increase amount of returning customers
Increase Marketing Strategies to implement more customers into venues
Reach out to different social classes by offering cheaper events
Increasing Revenue in Economic Hard Times
Additions to Ownership?
Emily May
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