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Cast Two Shadows

Stoker- Period 4

Abby Wetsel

on 11 January 2013

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Transcript of Cast Two Shadows

Cast Two Shadows Summary Prezi By: Abby Wetsel This story takes place during the American Revolution and is told through the eyes of young Caroline Whitaker. Caroline and her family live in Camden, South Carolina. As the war moves into their town, Caroline’s father is taken to prison for being a Rebel. Their home is subsequently taken over by Lord Colonel Francis Rawdon. Caroline, her mother, and sister are forced to become servants to Rawdon and the other soldiers occupying their home. Caroline is young but very smart and hatches a plan by telling Rawdon she wishes to go on a trip to find her brother. She assures Rawdon that her brother, Johnny, will be an excellent spy for Rawdon and can get him the information he needs to fight against Sumter. Rawdon desperately needs intelligence so he allows Caroline to go but she must take a “negra” from the staff with her. Caroline has no idea the secrets she will learn on this journey. One thing is for sure, Caroline will never be the same. Will she be able to come to peace with what she knows? Will she be smart enough to save her family and her home? Will she learn to trust her instincts? Problem and Solution Cast Two Shadows Characters Cast Two Shadows Setting Cast Two Shadows Thank you!! By: Ann Rinaldi Cast Two Shadows The main problem in the book is that a war moves into Caroline's town. Her older sister falls in love with the man who arrested their father. Caroline's older brother moved away for the war. She finds her birth mother, who is a slave, and they go find her brother to bring him home. Caroline Whitaker, Lord Colonel Francis Rawdon, Johnny, her mother, and sister, her father, and her birth mother. The story takes place in South Caroline during the American Revolution. They live in a town they call Camden. They live deep into the woods with a lot of land.
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