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Organelles/ Soccer Team Analogy Project

how different organelles in the cell are similar to different components in a soccer game

Sarah Spadaccini

on 31 December 2016

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Transcript of Organelles/ Soccer Team Analogy Project

vacuole = bench
the vacuole is the bench. the vacuole acts as a storage section in the cell. the bench holds extra players that are not currently needed in the game. They compare because they both store extra things needed for their system.
Nucleus = coach
The nucleus is a coach. The nucleus acts as a "control center" for the cell, and gives instructions for what each organelle should do. Coaches instruct the team and is the head of the team. They compare because they both take over their system.
chloroplast = soccer ball
the chloroplast is the soccer ball. the chloroplast makes photosynthesis for the plant which provides is food. Without foods, the plant won't be able to live. The soccer ball is what you need in order to play the game. They compare because if it weren't for them, the system wouldn't be possible.
DNA is the players. DNA controls all activities in the cell. Players control what is happening in the game and how it happens. They compare because they both control what goes on in their system and how it is executed.
cell wall = crowd
the cell wall is the crowd watching the game. The cell wall surrounds the cell membrane and provides strength and support. The crowd is on the outside of the field and supports the players on the inside (by cheering, clapping, etc.) They compare because they both are on the outside and support the things on the inside.
The cell vs. a soccer team
cytoplasm = field
the cytoplasm is the soccer field. the cytoplasm contains all the organelles in the cell. the soccer field is where the game is played, and where everything in soccer is held (players, ball, referee, etc.) They compare because they both hold everything that has to do with the system.
Cell membra
= field lines
the cell membrane is the border of the field. The border of the field controls when the ball is in/out. The cell membrane controls what comes into the cell. They compare because they both control what comes in/out of their system.
golgi body = team bus
The golgi body is the team bus. The golgi modifies, packages, and transports things out of the cell. The team bus transports the team to different places outside of their team's town. They compare because they both deliver important things out of their system
lysosomes = half time oranges
The lysosomes are the half time oranges. The lysosomes are where energy is made for the cell. The half time oranges are there to "refill" the players with energy for the next half. they compare because they both make energy to restore their system.
tonight's game:
who will win?
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