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Tennis Ball Quadratics

No description

Josh Salsbury

on 17 February 2014

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Transcript of Tennis Ball Quadratics

Vertex Form
Tennis Ball Quadratics
Prop box up with a backpack
Tennis Ball Quadratic
By: Josh Salsbury
Tennis Ball Quadratics
Practice rolling the tennis ball and student with towel catching the ball.
Tennis Ball Quadratics
Now, I am going to come around and dip the tennis ball into the colored water.
Tennis Ball Quadratics
Now roll the ball like you practiced and make sure your partner is ready to catch the ball!
Tennis Ball Quadratics
Once finished, put the ball and towel back into the plastic sack.
Tennis Ball Quadratics
Tennis Ball Quadratic
Now, find the equation of your quadratic by using the formulas we reviewed at the beginning.
Check Your Work
You need a calculator
Today's Learning Goals!
Write quadratic equations given a vertex and another point on the parabola
Use completing the square to transform standard form to vertex form.
Transform vertex to standard.
(h,k) is the coordinate of the vertex
Bell work
Write the equation of a parabola that has a vertex at (2,3) and another point of (-4,-3).
I need a boy and girl volunteer!
Please raise you hand
Tennis Ball Quadratics!
Please listen and follow directions! Do not move on before directed too.
The watercolor will stain your clothes so be careful.
1 student to role the ball.
1 student to catch the ball with the towel
2 students holding the board.
1or 2 student leader(s)

1.) Write the equation of your parabola in vertex form.
2.) Write the intervals that your parabola is increasing and decreasing.
3.) Convert your equation from vertex form to Standard form.
4.) Graph your standard form equation with a calculator and draw a table of 7 points on your easel paper.
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