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Without Seeing the Dawn

No description

Patricia Balanga

on 26 November 2012

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Transcript of Without Seeing the Dawn

Ciamae Balanga, Sophia Madriaga,
Kim Santos Chapter 11 - The Red Card Subject of the
Chapter and summary The subject of the chapter is finding jobs for
a living. Vocabulary
Words Important Scenes and Lines "A union, as you know, is a brotherhood, and brothers help one another. It is useless, and very risky, to defy the union." Important Scenes and Lines Jutted – extend out, over, or beyond the main body or line of something

Ambled – walk or move at a slow, relaxed pace

Perfunctorily – done routinely and with little interest or care

Carding stopped in front of a big house with many red roofs that He smiled uncertainly and ambled away. He perfunctorily greeted his guests.
Carding was looking for a job but when he approached a woman and a man to ask if they could use him, they said no. While he was walking, he saw stevedores and followed them onto to the boat. He helped a lady with her baggage and earned a peso bill. A man went to him and asked if he was a member of the union, he said no, and they started to hit him. After talking about the Union, they gave him a red card and Carding left. "No, it is not unlawful not to be a member of the union. But it is safer to join it." Carding was hoping he could get a job in the city. Literary Devices Simile - "Several flat, unwieldy tugboats sat like lazy turtles on the blue, sun-glinted water."
Personification - Together with some motor-driven boats which swayed gently with the swash of the waves..." Carding followed the men onto the boats and helped a lady with her baggage.

Carding was hit by some members of the union because he was not part of it.

A man helped him and talked to him about what was the union.

Carding received a red card.
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